EAAP Virtual Meeting 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Before entering, access credentials must be created. You can click  on New Registration or at the following link: https://eaap.liveforum.space/membership/visitor/register

Every participant must register, regardless he/she has already provided data before: those data were purely administrative, while now a user account has to be created. Every participant chooses a password, provides information on himself, where he comes from and makes such information visible to everyone.

The code has been sent to the user at the time of purchase.

If you cannot find the e-mail, you can retrieve the code here: https://meetings.eaap.org/recover-your-access-code/
By inserting the e-mail address used for the purchasing process, you will receive the code with registration instructions.

By registering, I create the account.

By logging in, I use the account.

After completing the registration process, the user enters with his/her e-mail and password (chosen in the registration process).

No, there is no need to register every day. The first time is enough and you can do it straight away, without waiting for the 1st of December!

If you purchased a 1-day pass, you will receive a code that will allow to enter only one day.
At the time of registering, a drop-down menu will enable you to choose the access day. 
You can register at any time, even now, but you will be allowed to enter only the selected day.

Any browser is suitable, even if Google Chrome is desirable.

A cable connection is better than a Wi-Fi connection.

It is not advisable to be connected to smartphones for a high-quality connection experience.

If you did not manage to enter the platform, you can write to annualmeeting2020@eaap.org

If you entered the platform, you can click on the Help button at the bottom of the screen.