Session 01. What to conserve?

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Theatre Session

Benchmarking inbreeding coefficient estimators with a whole-genome sequenced Holstein pedigree
S.W. Alemu, N.K. Kadri, C. Charlier and T. Druet

Whole genome resequencing detects signature of selection in 23 European pig breeds and wild boars
S. Bovo, G. Schiavo, A. Ribani, M. Muñoz, V.J. Utzeri, M. Gallo, J. Riquet, G. Usai, R. Charneca, J.P. Araujo,
R. Quintanilla, V. Razmaite, M. Candek-Potokar, A. Fernandez, C. Ovilo, L. Fontanesi and Treasure Consortium

Selection sweeps through variation in linkage disequilibrium in horses
N. Moravčíková, R. Kasarda, M. Halo and J. Candrák

Effect of population bottlenecks on patterns of deleterious variation in small captive populations
C. Bortoluzzi, M. Bosse, M.F.L. Derk, R.P.M.A. Crooijmans, M.A.M. Groenen and H.-J. Megens

Optimal management of gene and allelic diversity in subdivided populations
E. López-Cortegano, R. Pouso, A. Pérez-Figueroa, J. Fernández and A. Caballero

Assessment of the risk status of local breeds in Poland – preliminary results
G.M. Polak and J. Krupinski

Comparative genome analyses of two local cattle breeds reared in the Parmigiano Reggiano region
G. Schiavo, S. Bovo, A. Ribani, H. Kazemi, V.J. Utzeri, F. Bertolini, S. Dall’Olio and L. Fontanesi

Optimizing the creation of base populations for breeding programs using allelic information
D. Bersabé, B. Villanueva, M.A. Toro and J. Fernández

Genomic characterisation of a subsample of the Mangalica population in Germany
S. Addo, J. Schäler and D. Hinrichs

Genome-wide diversity and chromosomal inbreeding in German White-headed Mutton Sheep
S. Addo, D. Hinrichs and G. Thaller

Genetic characterization of a small closed island population of Norwegian coastal goat
P. Berg, L.F. Groeneveld, D.I. Våge and L. Grøva

Genetic diversity in eight chicken lines from the Norwegian live poultry gene bank
C. Brekke, L.F. Groeneveld, T.H.E. Meuwissen, N. Sæther, S. Weigend and P. Berg

Conservation genomic analyses of two Croatian autochthonous sheep breeds
M. Špehar, M. Ferenčaković, I. Curik, N. Karapandža, Z. Barać, T. Sinković and V. Cubric-Curik

Origin of native Danish cattle breeds
A.A. Schönherz, V.H. Nielsen and B. Guldbrandtsen

Poster Session

Cytogenetic investigations of Romanian cattle breeds
I. Nicolae

Effective population size and genomic inbreeding of Slovak Spotted Cattle
A. Trakovická, K. Lehocká, R. Kasarda, O. Kadlečík and N. Moravčíková

Breeding policies to optimise effective population size in captive populations
J.P. Gutiérrez, I. Cervantes, E. Moreno and F. Goyache

Role of the genetic resource in the settlement project in Mediterranean pastoral sheep breeding
T. Verdoux, M.O. Nozières-Petit and A. Lauvie

Molecular diversity of sheep breeds from the United Kingdom
E. Somenzi, M. Barbato, J.L. Edmunds, P. Orozco-Terwengel and P. Ajmone-Marsan

The Facciuta della Valnerina goat as an economic opportunity in the mountain areas of central Italy
S.G. Giovannini, S.C. Ceccobelli and F.M.S. Sarti

A conservation plan for the Danish Jutland horse
H.M. Nielsen and M. Kargo

Does the Walloon Piétrain pig breed require preservation measures?
H. Wilmot, S. Vanderick, R. Reis Mota, P. Mayeres and N. Gengler

The Suino Nero Cinghiato recovering on rural farms
S.G. Giovannini and F.M.S. Sarti

Conservation of the Dark Bee through an extensive organic beekeeping in the Swiss Alps
S.V. Garibay

Sustainable breeding and conservation actions of Apis mellifera in Italy
G. Minozzi, G. Gandini and G. Pagnacco

Analysis of the consequences of genetic rescue and its dependence on purging
N. Pérez-Pereira, A. Caballero and A. García-Dorado

Heritability of milk production traits in Red Polish cows included in the genetic resources program
P. Topolski, K. Żukowski and B. Szymik

Determining breed purity in local Dutch cattle with a DNA test to increase number of breeding animals
B. Hulsegge, J.J. Windig, S.J. Hiemstra and A. Schurink