Session 02. Novelties in genomics research and their impact on genetic selection

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Theatre Session

Neural networks and deep learning in genome-wide prediction
invited P. Waldmann

Deep learning – an alternative for genomic prediction?
T. Pook, S. Herzog, J. Heise and H. Simianer

Generalised sparse-group lasso for whole-genome regression and genomic selection
J. Klosa, N.R. Simon, V. Liebscher and D. Wittenburg

Genome-based discovery of trait networks in dairy cattle
S. Pegolo, M. Momen, G. Morota, G.J.M. Rosa, D. Gianola, G. Bittante and A. Cecchinato

Parameter estimation in the ancestral regression with missing parental or grandparental genotypes
R.J.C. Cantet and N.S. Forneris

Using Monte Carlo method to include polygenic effects into SNP-BLUP reliability estimation
H. Ben Zaabza, E. Mäntysaari and I. Strandén

Planning experimental designs for genomic evaluations: sample size and statistical power calculation
D. Wittenburg and M. Doschoris

Use of genomic information to improve accuracy of prediction from group records
T.T. Chu, J.W.M. Bastiaansen, P. Berg and H. Komen

Genomic selection without own phenotypes exploits new mutational variance less than BLUP selection
H.A. Mulder, S.H. Lee, S. Clark, B.J. Hayes and J.H.J. Van Der Werf

Genomic accuracy for indirect predictions based on SNP effects from single-step GBLUP
D. Lourenco, I. Aguilar, A. Legarra, S. Miller, S. Tsuruta and I. Misztal

Genomic optimal contribution selection in small cattle populations
J. Obsteter, J. Jenko, J.M. Hickey and G. Gorjanc

Novel approaches to incorporate recessive lethal genes in genomic prediction of calf survival
G. Gebreyesus, G. Sahana, A.C. Sørensen and G. Su

Optimization for Hamiltonian Monte Carlo
A. Arakawa, M. Nishio, M. Taniguchi and S. Mikawa

Poster Session

Using sequence data to refine QTL mapping in French dairy goats
E. Talouarn, P. Bardou, G. Tosser-Klopp, R. Rupp and C. Robert-Granié

Bias, slope and accuracies of genetic evaluation of milk yield in Manech dairy sheep
F.L. Macedo and A. Legarra

Metafounder approaches for single-step genomic evaluations of Red Dairy cattle
A.A. Kudinov, E.A. Mäntysaari, G.P. Aamand, P. Uimari and I. Strandén

Effects of changing annotation and SNP density on genomic prediction accuracy in Brown Swiss cattle
F.R. Seefried, H. Pausch, I.M. Häfliger, C. Drögemüller and M. Spengeler

Improved ssGTBLUP for single-step genomic evaluations
M. Koivula, I. Strandén, G.P. Aamand and E.A. Mäntysaari

Incorporating epistasis effects into the genomic prediction in water buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis)
S. Fernandes Lázaro, D.F.C. Diercles Francisco Cardoso, A.Vieira Nascimento, D.C. Becker Scalez, D.J. De Abreu Santos
and H. Tonhati

The performance of estimating genetic parameters by Hamiltonian Monte Carlo and No-U-Turn Samper
M.N. Nishio, A.A. Arakawa, K.I. Ishii and O.S. Sasaki

Small breed thinking big: the use of genomics in the MRY breed
B.L. Hollema, W.M. Stoop, G. De Jong and F. Reinhardt

Genomic tools for use in the New Zealand deer industry
K.G. Dodds, S.J. Rowe, A.S. Hess, J.C. McEwan, T.P. Bilton, R. Brauning, A.J. Chappell and S.M. Clarke

The effects of homozygosity on health in a commercial turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) population
S. Adams, B.J. Wood, C. Maltecca and C.F. Baes

Indirect predictions based on SNP effects from GBLUP with increasing number of genotyped animals
A. Garcia, Y. Masuda, S. Miller, I. Misztal and D. Lourenco

Selection signature of tail fatness in Barbarine sheep using high density SNP markers
I. Baazaoui, S. Bedhiaf, K. Dodds, R. Brauning, R. Anderson, T. Van Stijn and J. McEwan

GBS data reveals the role of KIT gene in resistance to skin photosensitization in a black coat sheep
I. Baazaoui, S. Bedhiaf, K. Dodds, R. Brauning, R. Anderson, T. Van Stijn and J. McEwan

Assessing nanopore sequencing for detection of large structural variation in the Goettingen Minipig
J. Geibel, S. Hansen, A. Abdelwahed, S. Böhlken-Fascher, A.R. Sharifi, C.-P. Czerny, H. Simianer and C. Reimer