Session 03. PLF possibilities for sheep, goats, poultry and horses

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Theatre Session

Potential of precision livestock farming in small ruminant farming systems
C. Morgan-Davies, J.M. Gautier, E. González-García, I. Halachmi, G. Caja, L. Grøva, G. Molle, F. Kenyon, G. Lagriffoul,
S. Schmoelzl, H. Wishart, A. Waterhouse and D. McCracken

Virtual fencing for goats
S. Eftang and K.E. Bøe

Automatic monitoring of sheep pasture behaviour using motion sensor data
J. Maxa and S. Thurner

Weight based precision livestock farming approach for targeting anthelmintic use in grazing lambs
invited F. Kenyon, A. Hayward, D. McBean, E. Morgan, L. Andrews, A. Morrison and L. Melville

Water intake monitoring for health monitoring and evaluation of forage quality in sheep and goats
I. Halachmi, A. Godo, Y. Laper, V. Bloch, H. Levit, L. Rosenfeld, E. Vilenski and T. Glasser

On field assessment of ultra-high frequency technology for sheep electronic identification
S. Duroy, J.M. Gautier, P.G. Grisot, F. Demarquet, D. Gautier, A. Hardy and J.L. Przewozny

Inferring social network centrality from behavioural tests in sheep: a novel method for precision
livestock farming
R. Degrande, F. Bocquier and J.-B. Menassol

On-farm automated tracking of group-housed poultry
E.D. Ellen, M. Van Der Sluis, B. De Klerk, Y. De Haas, T. Hijink and T.B. Rodenburg

Automatic individual-broiler temperature measuring by thermal imaging camera
N. Barchilon, V. Bloch, I. Halachmi and S. Druyan

Genetic of the 3D morphology of jumping horses using geometric morphometrics
A. Ricard, P. Pourcelot, B. Dumont Saint Priest, N. Crevier-Denoix and S. Danvy

Using a microchip to detect temperature variations before parturition in mares
J. Auclair-Ronzaud, L. Wimel and P. Chavatte-Palmer

Poster Session

Effects of feeding systems on thermoregulation and semen quality of Merino and SA Mutton Merino rams
A.M. Du Preez, E.C. Webb and W.A. Van Niekerk

Artificial insemination without hormonal synchronization of ewes using an automated oestrus detector
N. Debus, G. Besche, A. Lurette, J.-D. Guyonneau, A. Tesniere, J.-B. Menassol and F. Bocquier

Can we compare plate meters with height sticks for measure grass height?
T.J. Jousset

Using herbage disappearance method to estimate forage intake
G. Ortega, Y. Lopez, J.M. Garrido, D. Custodio and P. Chilibroste