Session 05. Metabolomics and further OMICs techniques applied to livestock physiology

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Theatre Session

Intensive feeding increases liver ceramide concentrations in Holstein fattening bulls
A. Kenez, S. Baessler, C. Koch, T. Scheu and K. Huber

Serum concentrations of 17 steroids in transition cows with divergent body condition score
K. Schuh, S. Häussler, G. Dusel, C. Koch, C. Prehn, J. Adamski, H. Sadri and H. Sauerwein

Milk metabolomics of heat-stressed goats with and without intramammary lipopolysaccharide challenge
S. Love, A. Contreras-Jodar, N. Mehaba, X. Such, G. Caja and A.A.K. Salama

Getting prepared for metabolomics studies: deliberate selection of samples from large animal studies
R. Riosa, M.H. Ghaffari, M. Iwersen, D. Suess, M. Drillich, C. Parys and H. Sauerwein

Identifying the role of rumen microbiome on bovine milk fatty acid profile using -omics approaches
M.D. Auffret, I. Cabeza-Luna, M. Mora-Ortiz, R.J. Dewhurst, D. Humphries, M. Watson, R. Roehe and S. Stergiadis

Differential expression of bovine mRNA isoforms with functional consequence on mastitis host defence
V. Asselstine, J.F. Medrano, F. Miglior, A. Islas-Trejo and A. Cánovas

Metabolomics of high and low feed efficient dairy cows reveal novel physiological mechanisms
X. Wang and H.N. Kadarmideen

Machine learning approach reveals a metabolic signature of over-conditioned cows
invited M. Hosseini Ghaffari

A follow-up on blood metabolic clusters in dairy cows
L. Foldager and K.L. Ingvartsen

High-quality hay feeding in early lactating cows: energy partitioning and milk fatty acid profile
R. Khiaosa-Ard, M.-T. Kleefisch, Q. Zebeli and F. Klevenhusen

Poster Session

Untargeted metabolomics analysis to discover biomarkers predictive of metritis in dairy cows
M.G. Colazo, M. Zhu, E. Dervishi, L. Li and G. Plastow

Network analysis uncovers the interplay among miRNA, mRNA and iron concentration in Nelore muscle
W.J.S. Diniz, P. Banerjee, G. Mazzoni, L.L. Coutinho, A.S.M. Cesar, C.F. Gromboni, A.R.A. Nogueira, H.N. Kadarmideen
and L.C.A. Regitano

Comparison of postpartum nutritional and metabolic profiles in dairy cows with or without metritis
E. Dervishi, G. Plastow, B. Hoff and M.G. Colazo

Identification of miRNA related with fatness traits in pig
K. Ropka-Molik, G. Żak, K. Pawlina-Tyszko, K. Piórkowska and M. Tyra

Primary bovine hepatocyte lipolytic genes may respond differently to liver X receptor α perturbation than murine 54
S.J. Erb and H.M. White

Impact of melatonin on some hormonal and biochemical parameters in anoestrous buffalo cows
K.A. El Battawy