Session 06. Insects in a circular economy

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Theatre Session

Insect production in a life cycle perspective: the way to environmentally efficient production
invited S. Bruun and J. Eilenberg

Environmental impacts of biomass conversion by insects: life cycle assessment perspective
S. Smetana, E. Schmitt, V. Heinz and A. Mathys

Infact: from insect to surfactant
G.R. Verheyen, I. Noyens, T. Ooms, S. Vreysen and S. Van Miert

Effects of feeding substrate on greenhouse gas emissions during black soldier fly larval development
C. Sandrock, C. Walter, J. Wohlfahrt, M. Krauss, S.L. Amelchanka, J. Berard, F. Leiber and M. Kreuzer

The environmental potential of the conversion of organic resources by black soldier fly larvae
H.H.E. Van Zanten, A. Zamprogna, M. Veenenbos, N.P. Meijer, H.J. Van Der Fels-Klerx, J.J.A. Van Loon and G. Bosch

Insect rearing and the law
J. Jacobs

EU guidance document on best hygiene practices for the insect sector
C. Derrien

Chemical food safety related to using supermarket returns for rearing Hermetica Illucens
H.J. Van Der Fels-Klerx, M.M. Nijkamp, E. Schmitt and J.J. Van Loon

Impact of natural contaminated substrates on insects: bioaccumulation and excretion
G. Leni, M. Cirlini, A. Caligiani, T. Tedeschi, J. Jacobs, N. Gianotten, J. Roels, L. Bastiaens and S. Sforza

Molecular tools for insect detection in animal feed
E. Daniso, F. Tulli, G. Cardinaletti, R. Cerri and E. Tibaldi

Bacterial populations in Dutch cricket and morio worm culture: a pilot study
O. Haenen, A. Borghuis, B. Weller, J. Van Eijk, E. Van Gelderen, E. Weerman, L. Bonte, B. De Ruiter, L. Dingboom, R. Petie, M. Calis and P. De Cocq

GBS-based genomic prediction for the improvement of natural enemies in biocontrol
S. Xia, B.A. Pannebakker, M.A.M. Groenen, B.J. Zwaan and P. Bijma

How (not) to trigger pupation in Tenebrio molitor
D. Deruytter, C.L. Coudron, J. Claeys and S. Teerlinck

Poster Session

Insects as food – a pilot study for industrial production
K. Wendin, V. Olsson, S. Forsberg, J. Gerberich, K. Birch, J. Berg, M. Langton, F. Davidsson, S. Stuffe, P. Andersson, S. Rask, F. Cedergaardh and I. Jönsson

Identification of volatile compounds from Allomyrina dichotoma larva according to extraction methods
S.J. Bae, Y.J. Kim and D.J. Shin

Designing a cage for Hermetia illucens: summarizing two years work
D. Deruytter, C.L. Coudron, J. Claeys and S. Teerlinck

Artificial breeding of black soldier fly
B. Hoc, R. Caparros Megido and F. Francis

Fractionation of insect biomass – BBI-InDIRECT project
L. Soetemans, G. Leni, Q. Simons, S. Van Roy, A. Caligiani, S. Sforza and L. Bastiaens

Effects of selected insecticides on black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) larvae
N.P. Meijer, T.C. Rijk, J.J.A. Van Loon and H.J. Van Der Fels-Klerx

New source of protein: edible insect to fight malnutrition in south of Madagascar
A. Ravelomanana and B.L. Fisher

Diversity of wild and edible insects for forest sustainability in Madagascar
A. Ravelomanana and B.L. Fisher