Session 07. Dietary functional components: effects on animal performance, health and environment

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Theatre Session

Plant polyphenols: effects on rumen microbiota composition and methane emission
invited M. Mele and A. Buccioni

Effect of feed additives on rumen bacteria of beef calves in transition to a high-concentrate diet
S. Yuste, Z. Amanzougarene, G. De La Fuente, M. Fondevila and A. De Vega

Effect of legumes on forage composition, steer performance, enteric methane emission and economics
B.M. Kelln, J.J. McKinnon, G.B. Penner, T.A. McAllister, S.N. Acharya, B. Biligetu, K. Larson and H.A. Lardner

Sugar for dairy cows – simulating fodder beet supplementation to reduce environmental pollution
A. Fleming, R.H. Bryant and P. Gregorini

Effect of feeding Candida utilis yeast on intestinal development and health in post-weaning piglets
I.M. Håkenåsen, M. Øverland, A.Y.M. Sundaram, R. Ånestad and L.T. Mydland

Total or partial replacement of copper sulphate by copper bis-glycinate on performance of weaned pigs
R. Davin, Y.C. Link, S.-C. Wall and F. Molist

Hydroxychloride trace minerals improve growth performance and carcass in pigs: a meta-analysis
S. Van Kuijk, M. Jacobs, C. Smits and Y. Han

Influence of zinc source and level on performance and tissue mineral content in fattening pigs
S. Villagómez-Estrada, D. Solà-Oriol, S. Van Kuijk, D. Melo-Durán and J.F. Pérez

Effect of dietary guanidinoacetic acid supplementation on growth performance in nursery piglets
J. Morales, M. Rademacher, U. Braun, M. Rodríguez and A. Manso

Dietary hydroxy methionine supply in pigs: associated changes in muscle biological processes
F. Gondret, N. Le Floc’h, D.I. Batonon Alavo, Y. Mercier, M.H. Perruchot and B. Lebret

Can a concentrate diet enriched by vitamin E keep the vitamin E level high in calves after weaning?
S. Lashkari, M. Vestergaard, C.B. Hansen, K. Krogh, P. Theilgaard and S.K. Jensen

Performance of heat-stressed dairy goats supplemented with rumen-protected methionine
N. Mehaba, W. Coloma, A. Salama, E. Albanell, G. Caja and X. Such

Effect of supplementing sweet potato vines on goat feed intake, growth parameters and nematodes
F.N. Fon, C.F. Luthuli and N.W. Kunene

Poster Session

Influence of Arabic gum extract on reproduction, oxidative stress and immunity of doe rabbits
I.T. El-Ratel and S. El Naggar

Effect of probiotic on ruminant performance
H.M. Khattab, H.M. Gado, H.M. Metwally, A.F. El-Barbary and S. Elmashed

Effect of probiotics treatment on agricultural by products used in ruminant nutrition
H.M. Metwally, H.M. Gado, A.A. El-Giziry, A.M.I.R.A. Abd Elmaqsoud and S. Elmashed

Effect of probiotic on productive reproductive and antitoxin activity in lactating Holstein cows
H.M. Gado, H.M. Metwally, R.M. Abdel Gawad, M.A. Kholif and S. Elmashed

Effects of olive leaf or marigold extract on lipid peroxidation in broilers fed n-3 PUFA diets
V. Rezar, A. Levart, R. Kompan, T. Pirman and J. Salobir

Effect of purified lignin on lambs performance and rumen health
H.V.A. Bezerra, S.B. Gallo, A.F. Rosa, A.C. Fernandes, S.L. Silva and P.R. Leme

Efficacy of a probiotic complex containing Bacillus subtilis and Pichia farinose in broilers
H.Y. Sun, H. Wang, Y.M. Kim, J.Y. Zhang, Y.J. Li, Y. Yang and I.H. Kim

Comparative evaluation of GMO and non-GMO diet in broiler chickens
S. Zhang, X. Ao, S.I. Lee, J. Hu, T. Palanisamy, Y.M. Kim, H.Y. Sun, Y. Yang and I.H. Kim

Antioxidant effects of phytogenic plant additives used in chicken feed on meat quality
Z. Zdanowska-Sasiadek, P. Lipinska-Palka, K. Damaziak, M. Michalczuk, A.A. Jozwik, J.O. Horbanczuk, N. Strzalkowksa, W. Grzybek, K. Jasinska, K. Kordos, M. Lagoda and J. Marchewka

Standardized natural citrus extract effect on broilers chickens
S. Cisse, A. Burel, C. Vandenbossche and P. Chicoteau

Alkaloids-containing feed additive as rumen fermentation modulator in vitro
R. Khiaosa-Ard, M. Mahmood, M. Münnich and Q. Zebeli

Effects of herbal extract on growth performance and gut health of post weaned pigs
S.K. Park and N.R. Recharla

Behaviour of tannin-protein complexes in ruminant digestive tract: influence of pH on complexation
S. Herremans, V. Decruyenaere, Y. Beckers and E. Froidmont

Effects of supplemental glycerol polyethylene glycol ricinoleate in in broilers
H.Y. Sun, X. Liu, J. Yin, S.I. Lee, J. Hu and I.H. Kim

Effect of two sources of Zn at different doses on growth performance in nursery piglets
M. Rodríguez, A. Monteiro, G. Montalvo, J. Morales and S. Durosoy

The effects of a phytogenic additive on broiler performance, meat quality and liver
A. Möddel, S. Fuchs and M. Wilhelm

Plant extracts to strengthen the natural defences of poultry: development of a selection tool
A. Travel, F. Alleman, A. Roinsard, O. Tavares, D. Bellenot and B. Lemaire

Feedlot performance of Nellore cattle fed different combinations of monensin and virginiamycin
A.L.N. Rigueiro, M.C.S. Pereira, A.M. Silvestre, E.F.F. Dias, B.L. Demartini, L.D. Felizari, V.C.M. Da Costa, A.C.J. Pinto and D.D. Millen

Effect of a beta-carotene supplementation to dry cows on IgG concentration in the blood of calves
M. Raemy, A. Burren and S. Probst

Effects of 5 different sources of copper and zinc on rumen fermentation in vitro
W. Chen, W.F. Pellikaan, L.A. Vande Maele and A. Van Der Aa

Effects on serum biochemical parameters of tryptophan supplementation in calf milk replacers
N. Yeste, L. Arroyo, M. Terré and A. Bassols

Organic acid based product supplementation in hens challenged with Salmonella
V. Ocelova, A. Markazi, A. Luoma, R. Shanmugasundaram, G.R. Murugesan, M. Mohnl and R. Selvaraj

Effect of digestible phosphorus level on performance and bone mineralization of piglets
C. De Cuyper, L. Nollet, M. Aluwé, J. De Boever, L. Douidah and S. Millet

Effect of using levels of Ginger root as feed additives in broiler diets on meat characteristics
A.Y. Abdullah

Effects of dietary millet grain on performance, plasma metabolites and intestinal health in piglets
N.A. Lefter, M. Hăbeanu, A. Gheorghe, L. Idriceanu and C. Tabuc

Evaluation of copper sulphate replacement by dicopper oxide in piglet diets
S. De Vos, L. Aelbers, R. Forier and A. Roméo

Ω3-rich natural sources as raw material for livestock feeding: zootechnical response of dairy sheep
N. Mandaluniz, X. Díaz De Otalora, A. García-Rodríguez, J. Arranz, E. Ugarte and R. Ruiz

Effects of flavour supplements in sheep rations on: feed efficiency for growth and Genes expression
A. Dallasheh