Session 08. Innovative approaches to pig production and pig research (Wageningen Academic Publishers early career competition) – part I

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Theatre Session

Vagina-cervix length as a tool to predict a litter size of primiparous sows
M.M. Małopolska, R. Tuz, T. Schwarz and J. Nowicki

Different models for estimation of litter size variability phenotypes
J. Dobrzański, H.A. Mulder, E.F. Knol, T. Szwaczkowski and E. Sell-Kubiak

Birth body weight does not always determine subsequent growth performance in grow-finisher pigs
J. Camp Montoro, E.G. Manzanilla, L.A. Boyle, O. Clear, D. Solà-Oriol and J.A. Calderón Díaz

Redefining the formula for feed conversion ratio in pigs through participatory research
I. Chantziaras, J. Van Meensel, I. Hoschet, F. Leen, D. Maes and S. Millet

Mineral precision feeding for gestating sows
C. Gaillard, R. Gauthier and J.Y. Dourmad

The effect of enzymes on nutrient deficient diets on performance, and bone mineralization of pigs
B. Villca, G. Cordero, P. Wilcock and R. Lizardo

Effect of protein in maternal and weaning diets on performance and faecal consistency of weaned pigs
K.C. Kroeske, N. Everaert, M. Heyndrickx, M. Schroyen and S. Millet

Prebiotic effect of by-products assessed by in vitro fermentation combined with porcine immune cells
J. Uerlings, M. Schroyen, E. Arévalo Sureda, J. Bindelle, E. Willems, G. Bruggeman and N. Everaert

LPS challenge on the blood of intrauterine growth restricted and normal pigs at weaning
C. Amdi, A.R. Williams, J.C. Lynegaard and T. Thymann

Rapid evaporative ionisation mass spectrometry (REIMS) for at-line boar taint classification
L.Y. Hemeryck, A.I. Decloedt, J. Balog, S. Huysman, M. De Spiegeleer, J. Wauters, S. Pringle, A. Boland, S. Stead and L. Vanhaecke

Automatic recognition of feeding and non-nutritive feeding behaviour in pigs using deep learning
A. Alameer, H.A. Dalton, J. Barcardit and I. Kyriazakis

Influence of fattening pigs’ positive affective state on behavioural and physiological parameters
K.L. Krugmann, F.J. Warnken, J. Krieter and I. Czycholl

Sow and piglet hair cortisol, a marker for chronic stress in crates and piglets husbandry procedures
L. Morgan, J. Meyer and T. Raz

Enriching neonatal environment: a potential strategy to improve long-term performance in pigs
H.L. Ko, Q. Chong, X. Manteca and P. Llonch