Session 09. Challenges of livestock farming systems in relation to society

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Theatre Session

Complex realities of work in livestock
invited B. Dedieu

Approach to the social sustainability of livestock farms
S. Cournut, C. Balay and G. Serviere

Impacts of Dutch livestock production on human health
P.M. Post, L. Hogerwerf, E.A.M. Bokkers, I.J.M. De Boer and E. Lebret

Assessing and comparing social and biophysical trade-offs in a extensive beef cattle system region
F. Accatino, D. Neumeister and M. Tichit

National organizations and management tools for genetic improvement of dairy cattle in Europe
G. Tesniere, J. Labatut, V. Ducrocq and E. Boxenbaum

Farm’s social and economic factors and the adoption of agricultural best management practices
T.T.S. Siqueira and D. Galliano

Charting challenges of livestock farming using patterns in consumers’ reasoning and behaviour
invited H.J. Nijland

High school education: a challenge to reduce gap between livestock production and citizen concerns
A. Chouteau, G. Brunschwig and C. Disenhaus

The commitment of Dutch retailers to sustainable egg production
M. Vandervennet and E.M. De Olde

Quantifying unintended macroeconomic consequences of meat taxation
T. Takahashi, G.A. McAuliffe and M.R.F. Lee

Quantifying public attitudes towards consumption of meat produced from genome edited animals
T.W.D. Kirk, J. Crowley, D. Martin-Collado and C.B.A. Whitelaw

Poster Session

Farm and abattoir staff opinion regarding pig production systems
D.L. Teixeira, L.C. Salazar, P. Carrasco and M.J. Hötzel

Systems for mother-bonded calf rearing during the milk feeding period in organic dairy farming
L. Mogensen, M. Vaarst, M.B. Jensen and J.O. Lehmann

An insight of dairy farming in the Parmigiano Reggiano area
A. Foskolos, F. Righi, R.G. Pitino and A. Quarantelli

Net contribution of dairy production to food supply: impact of intensification and grassland share
C. Battheu-Noirfalise, D. Stilmant, E. Reding, B. Wyzen, J. Wester, M. Mathot, S. Hennart and V. Decruyenaere