Session 10. Tail biting and feather pecking

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Theatre Session

Gut microbiota affects behavioural responses of feather pecking selection lines
invited J.A.J. Van Der Eijk, M. Naguib, B. Kemp, A. Lammers and T.B. Rodenburg

Avoiding feather pecking and cannibalism in laying hens: the dual-purpose hen as a chance
M.F. Giersberg, B. Spindler and N. Kemper

Network analysis of tail biting in pigs – impact of missed biting events on centrality parameters
T. Wilder, J. Krieter, N. Kemper and K. Büttner

Genetics of tail-biting receipt in gilts from the Tai Zumu line
L. Canario and L. Flatres-Grall

Genetic analyses of birth weights, tail measurements and scores for tail anomalies in pigs
T. Kunze, F. Rosner, M. Wähner, H. Henne and H.H. Swalve

Greek farmers’ attitudes regarding tail biting and tail docking
M. Kakanis, K. Marinou, S. Doudounakis and E. Sossidou

Norwegian pork production – a ‘FairyTail’ without tail docking
K.H. Martinsen, S.L. Thingnes and T. Aasmundstad

Identify possible indicators for the early detection of tail-biting in pigs
J. Ahlhorn, I. Traulsen and S. Zeidler

Influence of farrowing and rearing systems on tail lesions and losses of docked and undocked pigs
M. Gentz, C. Lambertz, M. Gauly and I. Traulsen

A pilot study on tail and ear lesions in suckling piglets
A. Gruempel, J. Krieter and S. Dippel

Managing tail biting in undocked pigs on fully-slatted floors with different enrichment strategies
J.-Y. Chou, D.A. Sandercock, R.B. D’Eath and K. O’Driscoll

Associations between tail directed behaviour, tail lesions and enrichment type in finisher pigs
L.A. Boyle, J.A. Calderon Diaz, A.J. Hanlon and N. Van Staaveren

Associations between straw provision, behaviour, ear and tail lesions in undocked pigs
T. Wallgren, N. Lundeheim and S. Gunnarsson

Poster Session

A longitudinal study of damaging behaviours and their associated lesions in grow-finisher pigs
L.A. Boyle, J.C. Pessoa, J. Yun-Chou and J.A. Calderon Diaz