Session 12. Novelties in genomics research and their impact on genetic selection

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Theatre Session

Genomic inbreeding over time for Swedish Red and Swedish Holstein-Friesian cattle
A.M. Johansson, E. Strandberg, H. Stålhammar and S. Eriksson

Evolution of ROH’s distribution along the genome over a decade of genomic selection in dairy cattle
K. Paul, A.-C. Doublet, D. Laloë, P. Croiseau and G. Restoux

Copy number variants identified on the new bovine reference genome partly match known variants
A.M. Butty, T.C.S. Chud, F. Miglior, F.S. Schenkel, A. Kommadath, K. Krivushin, J.R. Grant, I.M. Häfliger, C. Drögemüller, P. Stothard and C.F. Baes

High resolution copy number variation analysis using two cattle genome assemblies
Y.L. Lee, M. Bosse, R.F. Veerkamp, E. Mullaart, M.A.M. Groenen and A. Bouwman

Improving mating plans at herd level using genomic information
M. Berodier, P. Berg, T. Meuwissen, M. Brochard and V. Ducrocq

Whole genome sequence GWAS reveals muscularity in beef cattle differs across five cattle breeds
J.L. Doyle, D.P. Berry, R.F. Veerkamp, T.R. Carthy, S.W. Walsh and D.C. Purfield

Common genomic regions underlie height in humans and stature in cattle
B. Raymond, L. Yengo, R. Costillo, C. Schrooten, A.C. Bouwman, R.F. Veerkamp, B. Hayes and P.M. Visscher

A fast method to fit the mean of unselected base animals in single-step SNP-BLUP
T. Tribout, D. Boichard, V. Ducrocq and J. Vandenplas

Single-step evaluation for calving traits with 1.5 million genotypes: APY and ssGTBLUP approaches
I. Strandén, R. Evans and E.A. Mäntysaari

Single-step evaluation for calving traits with 1.5 million genotypes: SNP-based approaches
J. Vandenplas, R.F. Veerkamp, R. Evans, M.P.L. Calus and J. Ten Napel