Session 14. Differentiation of consumers oriented milk & meat products (e.g. A2A2 milk, pasture based milk & meat / hay milk / …)

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Theatre Session

Antioxidants in milk and cheese: an insight along the dairy chain stakeholders
invited G. Niero and M. Cassandro

Consumer knowledge and perceptions on milk fat in Denmark, United States and United Kingdom
E. Vargas-Bello-Pérez, I. Faber, J.S. Osorio, S. Stergiadis and F.J.A. Perez-Cueto

Mineral composition of retail goat milk in the UK
S. Stergiadis and M.R.F. Lee

Milk fatty acid profile of dairy cows is affected by forage species, parity, and milking time
S. Lashkari, M. Johansen, M.R. Weisbjerg and S.K. Jensen

Possibilities for a specific breeding program for organic dairy production
M. Slagboom, L. Hjortø, A.C. Sørensen, H.A. Mulder, J.R. Thomasen and M. Kargo

Consumer views regarding ways to improve animal welfare in beef and dairy production
J.K. Niemi, K. Heinola, T. Latvala, T. Yrjölä, T. Kauppinen and S. Raussi

Breed differences on sensory characteristics of sheep meat by a taste panel
S. Rodrigues, L. Vasconcelos, E. Pereira, A. Carloto and F. Sousa

Poster Session

Organic livestock farming contentious inputs in France: preliminary results
M. De Marchi, H. Bugaut, C.L. Manuelian, J. Renard, R. Pitino, M. Penasa and S. Valleix

Assessing the main dietary roughage source of dairy systems by milk quality-indicators
G. Riuzzi, V. Bisutti, B. Contiero, S. Segato and F. Gottardo

Development of a method to estimate the taste of Japanese Black beef based on chemical composition
K. Suzuki, T. Komatsu, F. Iida, Y. Suda, K. Katoh and S. Roh

Characterization of milk goat composition according to feeding systems in Western France
C. Laurent, B. Graulet, H. Caillat, C.L. Girard, J. Jost, N. Bossis, L. Lecaro and A. Ferlay

Certification of products as a chance for the development of farms which keep native livestock breed
P. Radomski, J. Krupiński and P. Moskała

Native breeds as a guarantee of the quality of traditional products
P. Radomski, J. Krupiński and P. Moskała

An improvement in animal welfare in a large Swiss abattoir through the consistent evaluation of data
M.K. Kirchhofer and L.V.T. Von Tavel

Effect of ripening time and salt reduction or substitution in pork sausages sensory characteristics
S. Rodrigues, C. Grando, E. Pereira, L. Vasconcelos and A. Teixeira