Session 15. Innovations in sheep and goat breeding

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Theatre Session

Towards value-based marketing of UK lamb
invited N.R. Lambe, N. Clelland, E.M. Smith, J. Yates, J. Draper and J. Conington

The putative role of the acetyl-coenzyme A acyltransferase 2 (ACAA2) gene in ovine milk traits
invited S. Symeou and D. Miltiadou

Selection trace from runs of homozygosity in French dairy sheep
S.T. Rodriguez-Ramilo, A. Reverter and A. Legarra

Assessment of methane traits in ewes: genetic parameters and impact on lamb weaning performance
J. Reintke, K. Brügemann, T. Yin, P. Engel, H. Wagner, A. Wehrend and S. König

A selection index for flock profitability in an outdoor flock of dairy sheep in New Zealand
N. Lopez-Villalobos, M. King, J. King and R.S. Morris

Redefining key performance indicators for sheep production systems
A.G. Jones, T. Takahashi, H. Fleming, B.A. Griffith, P. Harris and M.R.F. Lee

Effects of nonsynonymous SNPs at GH2-N and GHR genes on coagulation properties of Assaf ewes’ milk
M.R. Marques, J.R. Ribeiro, A.T. Belo, S. Gomes, A.P. Martins and C.C. Belo

Genetic variability following selection for scrapie resistance in six native Italian sheep breeds
F. Bordin, C. Dalvit, M. Caldon, R. Colamonico, L. Zulian, S. Trincanato, B. Mock, F. Mutinelli and A. Granato

Across-breed genomic evaluation for meat sheep in Ireland
T. Pabiou, E. Wall, K. McDermott, C. Long and A.C. O’Brien

A new era; the application of technologies to select for lowered methane emissions in New Zealand Sheep.
invited S.J. Rowe, P.L. Johnson, S.M. Hickey, K. Knowler, J. Wing, B. Bryson, M. Hall, P. Johnstone, A. Jonker, P.H. Janssen, K.G. Dodds and J.C. McEwan

Poster Session

Assessing the correctness of UK sheep population pedigree using genomic relationship matrix
K. Kaseja, G. Banos, J. Yates and J. Conington

Towards the genetic and genomic improvement of British Texel sheep
E.M. Smith, J. Conington and J. Yates

Genetic parameters for key biomarkers involved in body reserves dynamics: preliminary results
T. Macé, E. González-García, J. Pradel, S. Douls and D. Hazard

Artificial insemination of indigenous goats in Greece
E. Pavlou, I. Pavlou and M. Avdi

Residual intake and body weight gain on the performance and carcass composition of lambs
E.M. Nascimento, C.I.S. Bach, H. Maggioni, W.G. Nascimento, S.R. Fernandes and A.F. Garcez Neto

Seasonal variation of semen characteristics in indigenous Greek goat bucks
E. Pavlou and M. Avdi

Response of dairy ewes supplemented with barley β-glucans to an E. coli LPS challenge
A. Elhadi, S. Guamán, E. Albanell and G. Caja

Growth performance and carcass traits of two fat-tailed sheep breeds
M.D. Obeidat and B.S. Obeidat

Forage particle size and starch content in lambs diet – effects on productivity and product quality
J. Santos-Silva, A. Francisco, M. Janíček, J.M. Almeida, A.P.V. Portugal, E. Jerónimo, S. Alves and R.J.B. Bessa

Tibetan sheep are better adapted than Han sheep to low energy diets due to more efficient energy use
X.P. Jing, W.J. Wang, Y.M. Guo, J.P. Kang, J.W. Zhou, V. Fievez and R.J. Long

Concentration of IgG in sheep colostrum is improved by melatonin implantation during pregnancy
J.A. Abecia, C. Garrido, M. Gave, A.I. García, D. López, S. Luis, J.A. Valares and L. Mata

Including BMP15 genotype information in genetic evaluation of a prolific line of Barbarine Sheep
C. Ziadi, J.M. Serradilla, A. Molina and S. Bedhiaf-Romdhani

Genetic analysis of litter size in a prolific line of Barbarine sheep using random regression models
C. Ziadi, A. Molina and S. Bedhiaf-Romdhani

Is it worth to change from lactational to test-day genetic evaluation model in Latxa dairy sheep?
C. Pineda-Quiroga and E. Ugarte

The estimation of dispersion parameters for body weight of rams at the end of performance test
M. Simčič, B. Luštrek, N. Vujasinović, M. Štepec and G. Gorjanc

Genetic parameter estimates for adult weight and maternal efficiency traits in Santa Inês breed
M. Piatto Berton, R.P. Da Silva, F.E. De Carvalho, P.S. Oliveira, J.P. Eler, G. Banchero, J.B.S. Ferraz and F. Baldi

Alfa s1 casein (CSN1S1) genetic diversity in two Portuguese goat breeds
M.F. Santos-Silva, C. Oliveira E Sousa, A.P. Rosa, A. Cachatra, I. Carolino and N. Carolino

n-3 fatty acid level of peripartum ewes diets affect the organ fatty acid profile of suckling lambs
G. Battacone, G.A. Carboni, G. Pulina and G. Bee

Total merit index for sheep breeds with focus on meat production
B. Fuerst-Waltl and C. Fuerst

Relationships between body reserves dynamics and ewes rearing performances in meat sheep
T. Macé, E. González-García, F. Carrière, S. Douls, D. Foulquié and D. Hazard

Divergent genetic selections for an early behavioural reactivity in meat sheep
D. Hazard, A. Morisset, D. Foulquié, E. Delval, S. Douls, F. Carrière, J. Pradel and A. Boissy

In breeding, effective population size and coancestry on Latxa dairy sheep breed
I. Granado-Tajada, S.T. Rodríguez-Ramilo, A. Legarra and E. Ugarte

A comparison of traditional and genomic selection schemes in French dairy goats
E. Tadeo-Peralta, J. Raoul, I. Palhière, S.T. Rodríguez-Ramilo, F.J. Ruiz-López, H.H. Montaldo and J.M. Elsen