Session 16. Producing insects on different feeding substrates

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Theatre Session

Optimizing nutrition of black soldier fly larvae
T. Spranghers, S. Schillewaert and F. Wouters

Nutrition of Tenebrio molitor: history and novelties for applied research in insect industry
T. Lefebvre

Biorefinery approach for conversion of organic side-streams into marketable products using insects
L. Bastiaens and Indirect Consortium

Genotype × environment interactions in black soldier fly larvae grown on different feed substrates
C. Sandrock, S. Leupi, J. Wohlfahrt, F. Leiber and M. Kreuzer

Survival rate, development time and nutritional features of insect according to rearing substrates
M. Ottoboni, A. Luciano, A. Agazzi, G. Savoini and L. Pinotti

Producing Hermetia illucens larvae with common Western European horticultural residues
C.L. Coudron, D. Deruytter, J. Claeys and S. Teerlinck

The nutritive value of black soldier fly larvae reared on common organic waste streams in Kenya
M. Shumo, I.M. Osuga, F.M. Khamis, C.M. Tanga, K.M. Fiaboe, S. Subramanian, S. Ekesi, A. Van Huis and C. Borgemeister

Influence of moisture content of feeding substrate on growth and composition of Hermetia illucens
L. Frooninckx, L. Broeckx, A. Wuyts, S. Van Miert and M. Van Der Borght

Preliminary results on black soldier fly larvae reared on urban organic waste and sewage sludge
M. Meneguz, A. Schiavone, V. Malfatto, F. Gai and L. Gasco

Investigating the feasibility of household and supermarket organic waste as feed for T. molitor
A.M. Meyer, A. Lecocq and A.B. Jensen

Poster Session

Alternative (commercial) feeds for Tenebrio molitor
C.L. Coudron, D. Deruytter, J. Claeys and S. Teerlinck

Growing performance of Hermetia illucens on lignocellulosic substrates
G. Marchesini, M. Cullere, G. Trevisan and I. Andrighetto

Optimal rearing of Alphitobius diaperinus on organic side-streams in the InDIRECT project
N. Gianotten, J. Roels, M. Lopez, S. Sforza and L. Bastiaens

Rearing of Hermetia illucens on municipal organic waste: a win-win solution for feed production
S. Bortolini, M.R. Alam, G. Ferrentino, M.M. Scampicchio, M. Gauly, M. Palmitano and S. Angeli

Side-stream substrate formulations for mealworms in Finland
E. Hirvisalo, M. Karhapää, M. Mäki, P. Marnila, B. Lindqvist, H. Siljander-Rasi, L. Jauhiainen, T. Jalava, J. Sorjonen, H. Roininen and M. Tapio

Nutrient composition of three orthopterans as alternatives to ‘hard-to-farm’ insects in East Africa
T.F. Fombong, J. Kinyuru and J. Vanden Broeck

Effects of feeds on the nutritional composition, growth and development of the house crickets
M. Bawa and S. Songsermpong

Food from prey mites affects biological combat with predatory mites
A. Leman, G.J. Messelink and O.L.M. Guerin