Session 17. Alternative feed ingredients: former food, by-products, and new materials

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Theatre Session

The effect of the use of population or hybrid rye in feed compounds on swine fattening performance
T. Schwarz, A. Mucha, J. Lasek, R. Tuz, M. Małopolska and J. Nowicki

Effect of feeding bakery by-products on feed intake, milk production and ruminal pH in dairy cows
E. Humer, A. Kaltenegger, A. Stauder and Q. Zebeli

Feed design applying circular economy principles: the case of former food products
invited L. Pinotti, M. Tretola, A. Lucinao and M. Ottoboni

Macauba pulp (Acrocomia aculeata) as alternative raw material for growing-pigs
E.F. Dias, V.E. Moreira, R.P. Caetano, A.M. Veira, M.S. Lopes, R. Bergsma, S.E.F. Guimarães, J.W.M. Bastiaansen, L. Hauschild and P.H.R.F. Campos

Nutritive value of an olive cake extracted from a continuous string method for the rabbit
Z. Dorbane, S.A. Kadi, D. Boudouma and T. Gidenne

Energy and protein values of lucerne leaf meal in growing pigs
D. Renaudeau, M. Duputel, E. Juncker and C. Calvar

Nicotiana tabacum L. cv. Solaris: an innovative forage for dairy heifers
A. Fatica, F. Di Lucia, F. Fantuz, H.F. De Feijter, B.P. Brandt and E. Salimei

Evaluation of the nutritional value of poultry by-products in the diet of growing pigs
P. Bikker, F. Molist and R. Davin

Rumen-bypass nanoparticles: between ingestion and milk production
J. Albuquerque, S. Casal, I. Van Dorpe, A.J.M. Fonseca, A.R.J. Cabrita, A.R. Nunes and S. Reis

Poster Session

The influence of large amounts of rye grain in feed compounds on gilts and barrows fattening perform
R. Tuz, T. Schwarz, M. Małopolska and J. Nowicki

Nutritional valorisation of Arundo donax by treatment with urea
B. Rocha, C.S.A.M. Maduro Dias, C.F.M. Vouzela, H.J.D. Rosa, J.S. Madruga and A.E.S. Borba

The potential of atella to replace industrial brewers’ grain in dairy rations in Northern Ethiopia
A. Tadesse, B. Rata, Y. Tesfay and V. Fievez

Study on Nicotiana tabacum L. cv Solaris as a source of biomass for animal feeding
A. Fatica, A. Alvino, S. Marino, F. Di Lucia, H.F. De Feijter, B.P. Brandt, F. Fantuz and E. Salimei

Nutritive value and in vitro organic matter digestibility of dried white grape pomace
P. Vašeková, M. Juráček, D. Bíro, M. Šimko, B. Gálik, M. Rolinec, O. Hanušovský and R. Kolláthová

Effects of feeding alternative feeds on nursing performance of Awassi ewes and their suckling lambs
B.S. Obeidat, M.K. Aloueedat and M.S. Awawdeh

Alternative feedstuffs had no effects on haematological and biochemical parameters of Awassi lambs
M.S. Awawdeh, B.S. Obeidat and H.K. Dager

In vitro dry matter and crude protein digestibility in bones and raw food (BARF) diets
M. Ottoboni, E. Fusi, A. Luciano, C. Coppola and L. Pinotti