Session 19. Heat stress and other environmental factors affecting performance: a physiology perspective

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Theatre Session

The intestinal, metabolic, inflammatory and production responses to heat stress
invited L.H. Baumgard, R.P. Rhoads, J.W. Ross, A.F. Keating, N.K. Gabler and J.T. Selsby

Future heat stress risk in European dairy cattle husbandry
S. Hempel, C. Menz and T. Amon

Environmental effects on feed consumption and feeding behaviour of cattle with known feed efficiency
Y.R. Montanholi, M. Sargolzaei, J.E. Martell, A. Simeone, V. Beretta and S.P. Miller

What is an outlier telling us – hot summers might affect reproductive performance of sheep in autumn
M.J. Rivero, G.B. Martin, A. Cooke and M.R.F. Lee

Heat stress during early-mid gestation causes placental insufficiency and growth restriction in pigs
W. Zhao, F. Liu, J.J. Cottrell, B.J. Leury, A.W. Bell and F.R. Dunshea

Hepatic expression of thermotolerance related genes and early thermal conditioning in broilers
M. Madkour, M. Aboelenin, H. Hassan, O. Aboelazab, N. Abd El-Azeem and M. Shourrap

Saliva as a tool to detect chronic stress in piglets
S. Prims, M. Dom, C. Vanden Hole, G. Van Raemdonck, S. Van Cruchten, C. Van Ginneken, X. Van Ostade and C. Casteleyn

Effect of initial udder’s health status on inflammatory response to once-daily milking in dairy cows
J. Guinard-Flament, S. Even, P.A. Lévêque, C. Charton, M. Boutinaud, S. Barbey, H. Larroque and P. Germon

Poster Session

Effects of gestational heat stress on sow and progeny performance at farrowing
M.C. Père, A.M. Serviento, E. Merlot, A. Prunier, H. Quesnel, L. Lefaucheur, I. Louveau and D. Renaudeau

Differential expression of heat shock protein #70 gene in PBMC of beef calves exposed to heat stress
W.S. Kim, J.G. Nejad, D.Q. Peng, Y.H. Jo, J.H. Jo, J.S. Lee and H.G. Lee

Individual thermal response of Avileña Negra-Ibérical calves at feedlot
M. Usala, M. Carabaño, M. Ramon, C. Meneses, N. Macciotta and C. Diaz

Physiological processes as linked to heat stress effects on production traits of Holstein cows
H. Amamou, M. Mahouachi, Y. Beckers and H. Hammami

Relationships between body temperature, respiration rate and panting score in lactating dairy cows
P.J. Moate, S.R. Williams, J.L. Jacobs, M.C. Hannah, W.J. Wales, L.C. Marett and T.D.W. Luke

Fibre quality influences faecal glucocorticoid metabolites of South African Mutton Merino sheep
H.A. O’Neill, F.W.C. Neser and B.T. Elago

Detection of fin cortisol concentration in sturgeon
M. Ataallahi, J. Ghassemi Nejad, M.H. Salmanzadeh and K.H. Park

Capsaicin enhances thermophysiological performance of ergotamine-aggravated heat stress in rats
H. Al-Tamimi and R. Halalsheh

Multilevel evaluation of prebiotic supplementation and heat stress effects in laying hens
S. Borzouie, B. Rathgeber, C. Stupart, I. Burton and L.A. Maclaren

Advanced bone measurements show clear differences between laying hens kept in cages or floor pens
A. Kindmark, A.B. Rodriguez-Navarro, F. Lopes Pinto, E. Sanchez-Rodriguez, N. Dominguez-Gasca, C. Benavides-Reyes, H.A. McCormack, R.H. Fleming, I.C. Dunn, H. Wall and D.J. De Koning

Effect of day length and inhibition of prolactin on the mammary epithelial cell exfoliation
L. Herve, V. Lollivier, M. Veron, P. Debournoux, J. Portanguen, P. Lamberton, H. Quesnel and M. Boutinaud

Underfeeding increases ex vivo blood cell responsiveness to bacterial challenges in dairy cows
M. Boutinaud, E. Arnaud, R. Resmond, P. Faverdin, G. Foucras, P. Germon and J. Guinard-Flament

The acute phase proteins ITIH4 and haptoglobin as markers of metritis in Holstein dairy cows
J.A. Robles, R. Peña, A. Bach, M. Piñeiro and A. Bassols

A new approach to predict the success of insemination of cows using a systematic heat-assessment
L. Von Tavel, F. Schmitz-Hsu, U. Witschi and M. Kirchhofer