Session 20. Parasites

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Theatre Session

Histomonosis – new approaches on disease prevention
invited D. Liebhart and M. Hess

Anthelmintic resistance in ruminants in Europe: challenges and solutions
invited J. Charlier, E. Claerebout, D. Bartley, L. Rinaldi, G. Von Samson-Himmelstjerna, E. Morgan, H. Hoste and S. Sotiraki

Sheep, strongyles and sequencing for sustainability: investigating ivermectin resistance on UK farms
J. McIntyre, K. Maitland, J. McGoldrick, S. Doyle, J. Cotton, N. Holroyd, E. Morgan, H. Vineer, K. Bull, D. Bartley, A. Morrison, K. Hamer, N. Sargison, R. Laing and E. Devaney

First non-chimeric nicotinic acetylcholine receptor from invertebrates
K. Kaur, L. Rufener and T.E. Horsberg

In vivo assessment of the anthelmintic effects of by-products (peels) from the chestnut industry
S. Marchand, S. Ketavong, E. Barbier, M. Gay, H. Jean, V. Niderkorn, S. Stergiadis, J.P. Saliminen and H. Hoste

COMBAR: combatting anthelmintic resistance in ruminants in Europe
invited S. Sotiraki, E. Claerebout, D. Bartley, L. Rinaldi, G. Von Samson-Himmelstjerna, E. Morgan, H. Hoste and J. Charlier

Acaricidal activity of plant-derived essential oil components against Psoroptes ovis
Z.Z. Chen, W.V. Mol, M. Vanhecke, L. Duchateau and E. Claerebout

Poster Session

Chamomile extract mitigates bowel inflammation and ROS-overload related to nematode infections
S.H. Hajajji, M.A.J. Jabri, M.R. Rekik and H.A. Akkari

Do nematode infections impair vaccine-induced humoral immune responses in chickens?
G. Das, M. Stehr, C.C. Metges, M. Auerbach, C. Sürie and S. Rautenschlein

Gastro-intestinal nematode infections and preventive measures in Flemish organic dairy herds
L. Sobry and J. Vicca

Does garlic change the taste of cow milk when fed as a feed supplement?
S. Probst, M. Aarts and D. Hartig Hugelshofer

In vitro efficacy of kefir produced from camel, goat, ewe and cow milk on Haemonchus contortus
D.A. Alimi, M.R. Rekik and H.A. Akkari

Potential risks of nematode parasitism in farmed snails in Greece
K. Apostolou, M. Hatziioannou and S. Sotiraki