Session 21. Horse performance and welfare – Ethics

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Theatre Session

Schooling philosophy and horse welfare
invited F.O. Ödberg and L. Gombeer

Educating young horses: the role of voice in a worrying situation
S. Barreau and J. Porcher

Does a self-loading positive reinforcement-based training improve loading procedures in meat horses?
F. Dai, G. Di Martino, L. Bonfanti, C. Caucci, A. Dalla Costa, B. Padalino and M. Minero

Equine Blink rate, reactivity and learning: can one predict the other?
R.C. Clarke and A. Hemmings

Influence of intrinsic effects on effort and recovery stress assessed with infrared thermography
D.I. Perdomo-González, E. Bartolomé, M.J. Sánchez-Guerrero and M. Valera

Network analysis of the group structure of horses on pasture by using GPS data
F. Hildebrandt, K. Büttner, J. Salau, J. Krieter and I. Czycholl

Horse housing: active stable and tracks systems – management and practices in Belgium and France
M. Humbel, J.F. Cabaraux and M. Vandenheede

Use of alkanes and alcohols for hay intake estimation in stabled horses
M. Maxfield, E. Andrade, A.S. Santos and L.M.M. Ferreira

Serum malondialdehyde in horses supplemented with selenium and vitamin E moderately exercised
E. Velázquez-Cantón, A.H. Ramírez-Pérez, J.C. Ángeles-Hernández and J.C. Ramírez-Orejel

Poster Session

The effects of athletic kinesio taping technique on locomotion in sport horses
S. Biau, L. Tourneix and I. Burgaud