Session 25. PLF for animal health and welfare

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Theatre Session

How to make sure that PLF truly improves animal welfare?
invited F. Tuyttens

Automated assessing social networks and daily barn activities of dairy cows from video surveillance
J. Salau and J. Krieter

Association between feeding behaviour and wellness scores in Jersey cows using triaxial accelerometer
D. Du Toit, G. Esposito, J.H.C. Van Zyl and E. Raffrenato

Selecting variables from sensor data using principal components and partial least squares
I. Dittrich, M. Gertz, B. Maassen-Francke, K.H. Krudewig, W. Junge and J. Krieter

Validation of a locomotive detection system in cows with the help of direct behavioural observation
B. Kulig, G. Grodkowski, R.J. Redlin and T. Sakowski

Step recognition and feature extraction for turkey gait measured with IMU sensors
A.C. Bouwman, W. Ouweltjes, J. Mohr and B. Visser

Testing the potential of the SowSIS for on-farm automatic lameness detection in breeding sows
P. Briene, O. Szczodry, P. Degeest, A. Van Nuffel, J. Maselyne, S. Van Weyenberg, J. Vangeyte, B. Ampe, F.A.M. Tuyttens and S. Millet

Water usage as health indicator in pig production
A.H.M. Van Der Sanden and M.A. Van Der Gaag

First validation of a prototype of multi-spectral camera to quantify skin lesions in pigs
A. Prunier, L. Delattre, J.M. Delouard, B. Früh and C. Tallet

Monitoring behaviour of fattening pigs using low-cost RGB-depth cameras under a practical condition
S. Zhuang, J. Maselyne, J. Vangeyte and B. Sonck

Development and validation of an embedded tool to measure postural activity of lactating sows
L. Canario, Y. Labrune, J.F. Bompa, Y. Billon, L. Ravon, S. Reignier, J. Bailly, M. Bonneau and E. Ricard

Stray and abandoned dog overpopulation management – Israel’s unique system
L. Morgan, B. Yakobson and T. Raz

Poster Session

Calf feeding behaviour in a cow-calf contact system with access to automatic milk feeders
K. Piccart, S. Van Weyenberg, D. Weary and J. Føske Johnsen