Session 26. Microbiome-host interactions and gut health

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Theatre Session

Microbiability of faecal nutrient digestibility in pigs
L.M.G. Verschuren, D. Schokker, A.J.M. Jansman, R. Bergsma, F. Molist and M.P.L. Calus

Effect of gut microbiota composition on carcass and meat quality traits in swine
P. Khanal, C. Maltecca, C. Schwab, J. Fix and F. Tiezzi

Piglets infected with ETEC F4 and F18: effect of MUC4 and FUT1 genotypes
F.R. Massacci, S. Tofani, M. Tentellini, S. Orsini, C. Lovito, C. Forte, D. Luise, C. Bevilacqua, L. Marchi, M. Bertocchi, C. Rogel-Gaillard, G. Pezzotti, J. Estellé, P. Trevisi and C.F. Magistrali

The association of the host genome with microbiome composition and growth traits in pigs
C. Maltecca, D. Lu, C. Schillebeeckx, N.P. McNulty, C. Schwab, C. Shull and F. Tiezzi

To what extent rumen microbiota composition is host-driven – an experimental approach in goats
V. Berthelot, P. Gomes, P. Mosoni and L.P. Broudiscou

Identification of host-characteristics influencing rumen microbiota composition in dairy goats
P. Gomes, L.P. Broudiscou, P. Mosoni and V. Berthelot

Rumen fatty acid metabolism and bacterial community
L. Dewanckele, L. Jing, B. Stefanska, B. Vlaeminck, J. Jeyanathan, W. Van Straalen, A. Koopmans and V. Fievez

Gut microbiome and incidence of foodborne pathogens are affected by diet in pasture-raised chickens
J.M. Lourenco, M.J. Rothrock Jr., Y.M. Sanad, F.L. Fluharty and T.R. Callaway

Selection for intramuscular fat modifies microbial genome for energy metabolic routes in rabbit gut
M. Martínez-Álvaro, A. Zubiri-Gaitán, C. Casto-Rebollo, A. Blasco and P. Hernández

Rabbit microbiome analysis by using compositional data analysis techniques
A. Zubiri-Gaitan, M. Martínez-Alvaro, A. Blasco and P. Hernández

Poster Session

Colonic microbiota of weanling piglets fed diets containing rice distiller’s by-product
O. Nguyen Cong, B. Taminiau, B. Jérôme, T. Vu Dinh and J.-L. Hornick

Impact of early life feeding management on fattening calves ruminal metagenome
S. Costa, G. De La Fuente, M. Blanco, J. Balcells, I. Casasús and D. Villalba

Effects of dietary capsicum supplementation on growth performance and gut microbiota of weaned pigs
J.H. Cho, R.B. Guevarra, J.H. Lee, S.H. Lee, H.R. Kim, J.H. Cho, M. Song and H.B. Kim

Intestinal microbiota and growth performance of weaned pigs fed with dietary garlic and turmeric
R.B. Guevarra, J.H. Cho, J.H. Lee, S.H. Lee, H.R. Kim, J.H. Cho, M.H. Song and H.B. Kim

Development of the microbiota along the gastrointestinal tract of calves in early postnatal life
L. Arapovic, B.P. Thu Hang, C.E. Hernandez, M.A. McGuire, B.O. Rustas and J. Dicksved

Effect of 9c,11t and 10t,12c conjugated linoleic acid on bovine PBMC apoptosis and viability
G. Ávila, C. Catozzi, D. Pravettoni, G. Sala, C. Lecchi and F. Ceciliani

Risk factors for intestinal health problems in broilers in Belgium: a cross-sectional study
M. Ringenier, N. Caekebeke, F. De Meyer, V. Eeckhaut, R. Ducatelle, F. Van Immerseel and J. Dewulf