Session 27. Animal farming for a healthy world

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Theatre Session

A holistic One Health perspective on future agricultural systems with full nutrient recycling
B. Amon and Optinutrient Consortium

The One Health European Joint Programme (OHEJP): a new European initiative in One-Health
invited J. Hoorfar

Upcycling food leftovers and grass resources through farm animals
O. Van Hal, I.J.M. De Boer, A. Muller, S. De Vries, K.-H. Erb, C. Schader, W.J.J. Gerrits and H.H.E. Van Zanten

Environmental impacts and their association with performance and excretion traits in growing pigs
A.N.T.R. Monteiro, L. Brossard, H. Gilbert and J.Y. Dourmad

Nutrition and antimicrobial resistance issues with zinc oxide in pigs
J. Zentek

Contribution of animal breeding to reduce environmental impact of animal products
H. Mollenhorst and Y. De Haas

One Health aspects of antimicrobial resistance
invited S. Schwarz

The past and future of nitrogen use efficiency in agriculture
invited J.W. Erisman

European research and innovation for a sustainable and competitive livestock production sector
J.-L. Peyraud and B. Amon

Poster Session

Control of biotrickling filter efficiency on NH3 emitted by piggeries
E. Dumont, S. Lagadec, N. Guingand, L. Loyon, A. Amrane and A. Couvert

Ruminant milk fatty acids and human health: effects of species in interaction with diets
H. Fougère and L. Bernard

Emissions from various systems of dairy cows and fattening pigs housing systems
J. Walczak, W. Krawczyk and P. Sendor

Efficiency of biogas production partly using share solid manure from various livestock
J. Walczak, M. Sabady, K. Prochowska and P. Sendor

Economic evaluation of broiler litter by the nutrient balance
R.A. Nacimento, M.F. Silva, J.M.B. Andreta, L.F. Araújo, C.S.S. Araújo and A.H. Gameiro

AniFair – a GUI based tool for assessing animal welfare using multi criteria analysis
J. Salau, L. Friedrich, I. Czycholl and J. Krieter

Subclinical doses of the mycotoxin deoxynivalenol induce rumen epithelial cell remodelling in cattle
J.R. Bailey, H.R. Fleming, A. Christou, V. Morris, M. Bailey, T.A. Cogan and M.R.F. Lee

Differences of essential minerals and trace elements in cow and buffalo milk
F. Fantuz, S. Ferraro, L. Todini, A. Fatica and E. Salimei

Tackling matrix effects of feed extracts for the detection of ruminant by-products by targeted MS
M.C. Lecrenier, L. Plasman, R. Sanna, J. Henrottin and V. Baeten

The impact of different types of bacteria on the technological parameters and quality of cow’s milk
P. Brodowska, K. Kawecka, M. Rzewuska, M. Zalewska, D. Reczyńska, D. Słoniewska, S. Marczak, S. Petrykowski, L. Zwierzchowski and E. Bagnicka