Session 28. Standardisation of research methods and parameters

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Theatre Session

Resource conversion by black soldier fly larvae: towards standardisation of methods and reporting
invited G. Bosch, D.G.A.B. Oonincx, H.R. Jordan, J. Zhang, J.J.A. Van Loon, A. Van Huis and J.K. Tomberlin

What synchronization efforts are worth the investment in mass insect rearing facilities
invited N. De Craene

Development and evaluation of real-time PCR targets for the authentification of insect flours
invited F. Debode, A. Marien, D. Akhatova, C. Kohl, H. Sedefoglu, L. Mariscal-Diaz, A. Gérard, O. Fumière, J. Maljean, J. Hulin, F. Francis and G. Berben

An optimised test for recording hygienic behaviour in the honeybee
invited E. Facchini, P. Bijma, G. Pagnacco, R. Rizzi and E.W. Brascamp

Poster Session

Investigating genetic and phenotypic variability of honeybee queens’ individual traits
E. Facchini, F. Turri, F. Pizzi, D. Laurino, M. Porporato, R. Rizzi and G. Pagnacco

A cross-laboratory study on analytical variability of amino acid content in three insect species
D.G.A.B. Oonincx, G. Bosch, M. Van Der Borght, R. Smets, L. Gasco, A.J. Fascetti, Z. Yu, V. Johnson, J.K. Tomberlin and M.D. Finke