Session 29. Algae as animal feed

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Theatre Session

Current uses and challenges of microalgae in animal feeding
invited J.A.M. Prates

Microalgae are suitable protein feeds for lactating dairy cows
M. Lamminen, A. Halmemies-Beauchet-Filleau, T. Kokkonen, S. Jaakkola and A. Vanhatalo

The effects of Schizochytrium sp. lipid extract or fish oil on lamb meat fatty acids
A. Francisco, S.P. Alves, J. Santos-Silva and R.J.B. Bessa

Dietary algal β-(1,3)-glucan and its role in modulating the immune system in pigs and poultry
N. Smeets, R. Spaepen and V. Van Hamme

Algae as animal feed – poster pitches
R.M.A. Goselink

Seaweed as a potential feed resource for farmed animals
invited M. Øverland, L.T. Mydland and A. Skrede

Polysaccharides in seaweeds: necessary steps in order to use seaweeds in animal feed
W. Muizelaar, J. Krooneman and G. Van Duinkerken

In vitro gas production of 11 seaweeds as indicator for rate and extent of rumen fermentation
V. Perricone, W. Muizelaar, G. Van Duinkerken, W. Pellikaan and J. Cone

Macro algae Ulva lactuca in broiler feed: in vitro and in vivo digestibility of protein extracts
L. Stokvis, M.M. Van Krimpen and R.P. Kwakkel

Poster Session

The effect of feeding long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids to lambs in the rumen lipid metabolism
S.P. Alves, A. Francisco, J. Santos-Silva and R.J.B. Bessa

Effect on milk quality of replacing soybean meal with spirulina in a hay-based diet for dairy cows
E. Manzocchi, M. Kreuzer and K. Giller

Animal performance and milk fatty acid profile of ewes fed algae oil
T. Manso, B. Gallardo, P. Gómez-Cortés, M.A. De La Fuente, P. Lavín and A.R. Mantecón

Changes in milk-fed lamb performance in response to marine algae meal in the diet of dairy sheep
B. Gallardo, P. Lavín, A.R. Mantecón and T. Manso