Session 30. Neonatal survival in pigs

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Theatre Session

Estimation of direct and maternal genetic responses based on a piglet post-natal survival selection
T.Q. Nguyen, R.J. Dewhurst, P.W. Knap, S.A. Edwards, G. Simm and R. Roehe

Validation of a piglet vitality score for maternal pig breeds in Austria
K. Schodl, B. Fuerst-Waltl, R. Revermann, C. Winckler, A. Willam, C. Leeb, P. Knapp and C. Pfeiffer

Genome-wide association studies on stillbirth, birth weight and postnatal growth in pigs
C. Große-Brinkhaus, E. Heuß, M.J. Pröll-Cornelissen, H. Henne, A.K. Appel, K. Schellander and E. Tholen

Preliminary genomic analysis for birth weight homogeneity in mice
N. Formoso-Rafferty, J.P. Gutiérrez, F. Goyache and I. Cervantes

Artificially reared piglets exhibit gut dysfunction at maternal separation and at weaning
J. Degroote, C. Van Ginneken, S. De Smet and J. Michiels

Influence of a supplementation in probiotics and vitamins on postnatal development of piglets
M. Girard, L. Duval, G. Michel, S. Dubois and G. Bee

The effects of maternal hydroxytyrosol supplementation on the early postnatal growth of offspring
M. Vázquez-Gómez, C. García-Contreras, L. Torres-Rovira, J.L. Pesantez-Pacheco, P. Gonzalez-Añover, S. Astiz, C. Óvilo, B. Isabel and A. Gónzalez-Bulnes

Effect of glutamine supplementation in the neonatal phase on growth of low birth weight piglets
Z. Li, Q.L. Sciascia, J. Schregel, S. Goers, A. Tuchscherer and C.C. Metges

Sow lying behaviour, crushing losses and nest acceptance in free farrowing systems in early lactation
S. Ammer, C. Sprock, M. Fels, N. Kemper and I. Traulsen

Hut climate impacts piglet survival
S.-L.A. Schild, L. Foldager, M.K. Bonde, H.M.-L. Andersen and L.J. Pedersen

Locomotion as a possible indicator of vitality in the newborn pig
C. Vanden Hole, P. Aerts, S. Prims, M. Ayuso, S. Van Cruchten and C. Van Ginneken

Poster Session

Genetic parameters for litter traits at farrowing and weaning in Landrace and Large White pigs
S. Ogawa, A. Konta, M. Kimata, K. Ishii, Y. Uemoto and M. Satoh

Plasma metabolites and amino acids in low and normal birth weight piglets at birth and 4 hours later
Q.L. Sciascia, Z. Li, J. Schregel, S. Görs and C.C. Metges

Birth weight and glutamine supplementation effects on early postnatal muscle development of piglets
Y. Zhao, E. Albrecht, Z. Li, J. Schregel, Q. Sciascia, C.C. Metges and S. Maak

Drenching low birth weight piglets: friend or foe?
K. Van Tichelen, M. Ayuso, S. Van Cruchten, J. Michiels and C.J.D. Van Ginneken

Effect of age on the functional glycosidase activity in the small intestinal mucosa of piglets
N. Van Noten, E. Van Liefferinge, J. Degroote, S. De Smet, T. Desmet and J. Michiels

Consequences of low birth weight on porcine intestinal maturation and growth
M. Ayuso, S. Van Cruchten and C. Van Ginneken

Head morphology and body measurements of IUGR and normal piglets – a pilot study
M.N. Nielsen, J. Klaaborg and C. Amdi

Effects of IFNG and IFND in porcine conceptus and uterine cells
S.O. Jung, S.H. Paek and J.Y. Kim

Validation of refractometry as a fast method to quantify IgG in serum of newborn piglets in farm
G. Álvaro-Minguito, E. Jiménez-Moreno, M. Fornós, B. Isabel, C. López-Bote and D. Carrión

Housing of farrowing sows in pens with opening crates – piglet losses in relation to pen dimensions
K. Menzer, M. Wensch-Dorendorf and E. Von Borell

Piglet’s vocalizations during castration and vaccination
M.C. Galli, A. Scollo, S. Minervini, G. Riuzzi and F. Gottardo