Session 31. How to address tradeoffs and synergies in livestock farming systems?

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Theatre Session

How to handle trade-offs and synergies in our search towards a sustainable food system?
invited I.J.M. De Boer, A. Van Der Linden and E.M. De Olde

A multidimensional decision support tool to assess the sustainability of livestock farming systems
F. Accatino, M. Zehetmeier, J.P. Domingues, E.M. De Olde, A. Van Der Linden and M. Tichit

Sustainability performance of grass-based beef production systems in the Bourbonnais area of France
A. Van Der Linden, E.M. De Olde, C. Mosnier, C. Pineau, M. Tichit and I.J.M. De Boer

Assessing current livestock-induced biomass flows in Europe’s NUTS2 regions for evaluating feasible
M.C. Theurl, A. Mayer, L. Kaufmann, S. Matej and K.-H. Erb

New EU27 livestock typology reveals areas for targeted innovation
J.P. Domingues, C. Perrot, M. Theurl, S. Matej, K.H. Erb and M. Tichit

Innovations to enhance benefits and limit costs in two livestock territories in France
D. Neumeister, E. Dolleans, C. Pineau, S. Fourdin, A.C. Dockes and C. Perrot

Landscape measures to improve livestock systems nitrogen management and planning
invited T. Dalgaard

Assessing the optimality and robustness of ecosystem services trade-offs: a probabilistic approach
F. Joly, M. Benoit and B. Dumont

Food and biodiversity impacts of conservation scenarios on Dutch agricultural land
V.J. Oostvogels, A. Kok, E.M. De Olde and R. Ripoll-Bosch

Tools for evaluating trade-offs between robustness to price and yield variations in dairy goat farms
L. Puillet, V. Verges, P. Blavy, P. Chabrier and V. Picheny

Integrating animal welfare into sustainable development of livestock systems
E.A.M. Bokkers

Assessing the effects of mature size on efficiency of beef and sheep breeding enterprises
T.J. Byrne, T.W.D. Kirk, P.R. Amer, K. Matthews, J. Richards and D. Bell

Poster Session

Estimation of labour requirement for feeding of dairy cows with loose barn dried hay
J. Mačuhová, V. Stegmann, B. Haidn and S. Thurner

Capturing impacts of innovations in livestock farming using a vision design and assessment framework
V. Karger, M. Zehetmeier, G. Dorfner and A. Reindl