Session 32. New sheep & goat projects day symposium

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Theatre Session

Modelling the impact of climate change on the yield of European pastures
M. Dellar, C.F.E. Topp, A. Del Prado, G. Pardo, G. Banos and E. Wall

SusSheP – sustainable sheep production in Europe
C. Morgan-Davies, J. Kyle, P. Creighton, I.A. Boman, N. Lambe, A. McLaren, H. Wishart, A. Krogenaes, E. Wall, T. Pabiou, M.G. Diskin, K.G. Meade, N. McHugh, L. Parreno, E. Caldas-Silveira, X. Druart and S. Fair

Heat stress response in sheep populations under different climatic and productive schemes
M. Ramón, C. Pineda-Quiroga, M. Serrano, E. Ugarte, C. Díaz, M.A. Jiménez, M.D. Pérez-Guzmán, R. Gallego, F. Freire, L. Mintegui and M.J. Carabaño

Persistency of lactation yields of milk, fat and protein in New Zealand dairy goats
M. Scholtens, N. Lopez-Villalobos, D. Garrick and H. Blair

Prevalence of hyperketonemia in Australian commercial periparturient dairy goats
F. Zamuner, K. Digiacomo, A.W.N. Cameron and B.J. Leury

Barymetric predictions of body weight in goats
J. Viel, A. Ringuet, J. Mauclert, E. Laclef and S. Jurjanz

Milk yield and composition of Local Balady and Boer Goats in Egypt
M.T. Sallam and A.A. Abd El-Ghani

Lactational effects of melatonin during autumn in two breeds of dairy ewes
A. Elhadi, A.A.K. Salama, X. Such and G. Caja

Productive and reproductive aspects of two different sheep breeds under Egyptian conditions
F. Younis, N. Ibrahim, T. Mostafa, A. Abd Elsalaam, O. El-Malky and H. Tag Eldin

β-lacto globulin, kappa casein and prolactin genes effects on milk production of Awassi sheep
K.I. Jawasreh and A.H. Al Amareen

Relationship of bodyweight and BCS with backfat and longissimus dorsi thickness in four dairy sheep
S.-A. Termatzidou, N. Siachos, G. Valergakis, K. Lymperis, M. Patsikas and G. Arsenos

Evaluation of udder morphology and milk production in prolific and meat ewes
L. Del Pino, E. Salazar-Diaz, L. Rodríguez-Arias, C.B. Marques and G. Ciappesoni

Poster Session

Qualitative behaviour assessment in intensively and extensively reared lambs
R. Bodas, M. Montañés, V. Cadavez, T. Peric, M. Baratta, N. Ko and J.J. García-García

Milk energy output and Carbon footprint from sheep and goats in different forage systems
A.S. Atzori, M.F. Lunesu, F. Correddu, F. Lai, A. Ledda and A. Cannas

Microbiological quality of lamb meat raised in intensive and extensive systems in Italy
F. Chiesa, P. Morra, I. Viola, G. Perona, T. Civera and M. Baratta

An investigation into the development of screen-printed biosensors for fatty acid analysis in meat
A. Smart, O. Doran, A. Crew and J.P. Hart

Effects of whole, cracked or steam-flaked corn on growth performance in feedlot Damascus goats
M.C. Neofytou, D. Sparaggis and O. Tzamaloukas

Slaughter and carcass characteristics of suckling lambs of Bardoka local sheep breed
B. Markovic, M. Djokic and D. Radonjic

Breeding practices applied in Skopelos goat farms under the collective organization scheme
D. Tsiokos, F. Kanellidou and C. Ligda

Effect of the dietary level of protein on feed intake and performance of Assaf heavy fattening lambs
C. Saro, S. Andrés, P. Oviedo-Luengo, I. Mateos, J. García-Rodríguez, M.J. Ranilla and F.J. Giráldez