Session 33. Burning issues in biodiversity 1: what are the benefits from animal gene banks?

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Theatre Session

Stakeholder involvement and ethics in conservation of animal genetic resources in gene banks
invited W. Kugler, E. Charvolin, N. Khayatzadeh, G. Mészáros, B. Berger, E. Martyniuk, J. Sölkner, M. Wurzinger and A. Dore

Rationalization and further development of European livestock genebank collections
S.J. Hiemstra, P. Boettcher, D. Moran and C. Danchin-Burge

Rationalization and characterization of gene bank collections: a case study
C. Danchin

Optimising ex situ genetic resource collections for Spanish livestock conservation
R. De Oliveira Silva, B. Vosough Ahmadi, O. Cortes Gardyn and D. Moran

Breakthrough to improve the reproductive capacity of gene bank material
invited E. Blesbois, K. Liptoi, H. Woelders, B. Bernal-Juarez, S. Nandi, A. Thelie, F. Pizzi, E. Varkonyi, F. Guignot, M. McGrew and J. Santiago-Moreno

Freezing poultry semen: effects of CPA concentration × cooling rate, and other factors
H. Woelders, A. De Wit, I. Grasseau, E. Blesbois, B. Bernal and J. Santiago Moreno

The use of genomic variation in European livestock genebank collections
invited R.P.M.A. Crooijmans, L. Colli, A. Stella, P. Ajmone-Marsan, S.J. Hiemstra and M. Tixier-Boichard

Genetic diversity and inbreeding in Dutch cattle breeds based on gene bank collections
A.E. Van Breukelen, H.P. Doekes and J.K. Oldenbroek

Optimization of introgression breeding programs with MoBPS
T. Pook, A. Ganesan, N.T. Ha, M. Schlather and H. Simianer

Introgression of blue eggshell colour from a gene bank collection into a White Leghorn breeding line
C. Dierks, N.T. Ha, H. Simianer, D. Cavero, R. Preisinger and S. Weigend

Annotation of selection signatures in the bovine breed Asturiana de Valles
C. Paris, S. Boitard, B. Servin, N. Sevane and S. Dunner

Poster Session

Dutch gene bank for farm animals: beyond conserving genetic material
A. Schurink, B. Hulsegge, J.J. Windig, A.H. Hoving-Bolink and S.J. Hiemstra

Value of gene bank material for the commercial breeding population of Dutch Holstein Friesian cattle
J.J. Windig, H.P. Doekes, R.F. Veerkamp, P. Bijma and S.J. Hiemstra

Characterization genetic and evaluation of diversity in Spanish chicken breeds based on MHC class II
S.G. Dávila, M.G. Gil, P. Resino-Talaván, O. Torres and J.L. Campo

Inventory of relic Romanian native cattle breeds
D. Gavojdian

Population structure and genetic diversity analysis in five rare endangered goat breeds in Austria
N. Khayatzadeh, M. Klaffenböck, G. Mészáros, M. Wurzinger, B. Berger and J. Sölkner