Session 35. IOT session, first results from the project (2017-2020)

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Theatre Session

IOF2020: accelerate innovation and Internet of Things for agriculture and food
J. Maselyne, E. Lippens and J. Vangeyte

Stickntrack solution for tracking grazing dairy cows and cattle in nature areas
O. Guiot, L. Claeys, E. Eygi, E. Cannière, K. Piccart, T. Van De Gucht, E. Lippens, J. Maselyne and S. Van Weyenberg

Detection of rumination in cattle using bolus accelerometer sensors and machine learning
A.W. Hamilton, C. Davison, C. Michie, I. Andonovic, C. Tachtatzis and N. Jonsson

Internet of Things and blockchain to create shared value in the beef supply chain
F. Maroto-Molina, I. Gómez-Maqueda, J.E. Guerrero-Ginel, A. Garrido-Varo, C. Callejero-Andrés, R. Blanco-Carrera and D.C. Pérez-Marín

Unlocking the value of data via Internet of Things in the fattening pig sector
C. Vandenbussche, F. Renzi, T. Montanaro, K. Mertens, D. Conzon, P. Briene, K. De Wit-Joosten, D. Aarts-Van De Loo, R. Klont and J. Maselyne

Development and testing of individual level warning systems for fattening pigs
C. Vandenbussche, P. Briene, B. Sonck, J. Vangeyte and J. Maselyne

Responsible governance of data in smart farming: results of reflective stakeholder workshops
S. Van Der Burg, M.J. Bogaardt and E.B. Oosterkamp

Networking European Farm to Enhance cRoss ferTilisation & Innovation uptake Through demonstratIon
A.G. Adrien Guichaoua

SmartAgriHubs project: outline of 2 flagship innovation experiments
D. Van Damme, G. Bruggeman, H. Gerhardy, P. Rakers, J. Vangeyte and A. De Visscher

Transparent data sharing in the dairy production
S. Van Weyenberg, P. Ilias, S. Bosch, D. Van Damme and J. Vangeyte

Challenges in the implementation of cloud-based precision livestock management services provision
invited C. Davison, A. Hamilton, R. Atkinson, C. Tachtatzis, C. Michie and I. Andonovic

Poster Session

FITPig – pigs on internet – test-bed for online monitoring
A. Herlin, C. Verjus, S. Dasen, C. Callejero, A. Jara, A.P. Verdu and I. Cuevas Martínez