Session 36. Beef farming and products towards the future

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Theatre Session

An agent-based model to evaluate the performance of reproductive technologies in beef cattle
O.A. Ojeda-Rojas, D.B. Coral, G.L. Sartorello, M.E.Z. Mercadante and A.H. Gameiro

Low protein feeding as a potential measure to reduce ammonia emissions from beef cattle barns
K. Goossens, E. Brusselman, S. Curial, S. De Campeneere, P. Van Overbeke and L. Vandaele

The role of beef production in reducing the environmental burdens from livestock production
A. Foskolos, A.D. Soteriades, D. Styles and J. Gibbons

Performances and greenhouse gas emissions of alternative beef production schemes in organic farming
M. Mathot, A. Mertens, D. Stilmant and V. Decruyenaere

LIFE BEEF CARBON Project – effectiveness of the mitigation strategies
S. Carè, G. Pirlo and L. Migliorati

Assessing and predicting carcass and meat quality traits
invited M.-P. Ellies-Oury, V. Monteils, A. Conanec and J.-F. Hocquette

Genetic parameters for whether or not cattle reach a desired carcass quality and yield specification
D.A. Kenny, C. Murphy, R.D. Sleator, R.D. Evans and D.P. Berry

Cattle welfare self-assessment and benchmarking tool for farmers via mobile application
M. Thys, A. Watteyn, R. Vaes, G. Vandepoel, B. Sonck and F. Tuyttens

Technologies to predict eating quality in Australian beef carcasses
invited S.M. Stewart, P. McGilchrist, G.E. Gardner, L. Pannier and D.W. Pethick

SmartCow: fostering synergies through mapping cattle research infrastructures and research
M. O’Donovan, R. Baumont, E. Kennedy, C. Guy, C. Fossaert, P. Madrange and B. Esmein

What prospective scenarios will be compatible with sustainable crop livestock systems?
C. Mosnier, I. Abdouttalib and N. Dubosc

Poster Session

Evaluation of nitrogen excretion equations for pasture-fed dairy cows
C. Christodoulou, J.M. Moorby, E. Tsiplakou and A. Foskolos

Indirect estimation of milk production of beef cows of submitted to foetal programming
M.H.A. Santana, F.J. Schalch Junior, A.C. Fernandes, G.P. Meciano, I.M. Ruy, J.N.P. Leite, N.P. Garcia and G.H.G. Polizel

Gestational weight gain in Nellore cows in foetal programming
M.H.A. Santana, F.J. Schalch Junior, A.C. Fernandes, G.P. Meciano, E. Furlan, I. Mortari, L.F.M. Azevedo and R.C. Rochetti

Prediction of response to selection on principal components for growth traits in Nellore cattle
G. Vargas, F.S. Schenkel, L.F. Brito, L.G. Albuquerque, H.H.R. Neves, D. Munari and R. Carvalheiro

Effects of gluconeogenic supplements on energy metabolism and fertility in suckler cows
S. Lobón, J. Ferrer, M.A. Gómez, A. Noya, I. Casasús, C. Mantecón and A. Sanz

Surface methane and nitrous oxide emissions from a commercial beef feedlot in South Africa
K. Lynch, C.J.L. Du Toit, W.A. Van Niekerk and R. Coertse