Session 37. Strategies reducing antimicrobial need (part I)

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Theatre Session

HealthyLivestock: a Chinese-European project to reduce the need for antimicrobials
H.A.M. Spoolder, S.M. Yang, A. Ayongxi, J. Vaarten and B. Kemp

Strategies to reduce the need and use of antimicrobials in animal production: a European perspective
invited S.J. More

Reduce antimicrobial use through better animal welfare practices in China
A. Ayongxi and A.T. Liu

Biosecurity challenges to reduce the needs of antimicrobials in pig and broiler farming systems
C. Fourichon, W. Song, M. Bokma-Bakker, G. Kefalas, X. Yi, C. Belloc, P. Ferrari and L. Xuielian

Critical fail and success factors for reduced use of antibiotics in veal calves
M.H. Bokma-Bakker, J.W. Van Riel, C.C. De Lauwere, A.F.G. Antonis and M. Kluivers-Poodt

Effective waterlines cleaning protocols: a new way to reduce antibiotic usage?
M. Leblanc-Maridor, S. Brilland, C. Belloc and P. Gambade

Levers to reduce antibiotic use in French beef farming: a multilevel perspective
F. Bonnet-Beaugrand, S. Assié, A. Poizat, A. Rault, L. Hervé, P. Loiseau and N. Bareille

Early life experiences affect the adaptive capacity of animals to cope with challenges in later life
B. Kemp and H.A.M. Spoolder

Ewe prepartum supplementation with polyunsaturated fatty acids affects lamb immunity and behaviour
X. Averós, I. Granado-Tajada, I. Beltrán De Heredia, J. Arranz, A. García-Rodríguez, L. González, N. Elguezabal, R. Ruiz and R. Atxaerandio

Impact of interventions during the neonatal development of piglets
D. Schokker, A. De Greeff and J.M.J. Rebel

Automated monitoring of broilers from different hatching conditions: the HealthyLivestock approach
M.F. Giersberg, R. Molenaar, I.C. De Jong, C. Souza Da Silva, H. Van Den Brand, B. Kemp and T.B. Rodenburg

Posters on strategies to reduce the need for antimicrobials
S. Messori

Effects of oral administered garlic on postweaning pig’s health and performance
H. Ayrle, H. Nathues, A. Bieber, M. Mevissen, M. Walkenhorst and A. Maeschli

Poster Session

Effects of creep feed copper level on the health and ionomic profiles of sucking piglets
F. Zhang, W.J. Zheng, Y.Q. Xue and W. Yao

Effect and mechanism of FAPS on intestinal mucosal immunity in mice
K. Zhang, Z.J. Liang, L. Wang, J.Y. Zhang, X.Z. Wang, K. Zhang and J.X. Li

The effect of Shegan Dilong granule on the prevention of infectious bronchitis of chicken
R.H. Xin, J.S. Xie, Y.J. Luo, G.B. Wang and J.F. Zheng

Functional biological feed by microbial fermentation: a way to improve nutrition value of feed
Y. Fan, X.M. Bai, W. Hao, X.L. Liu and W.P. Song

Water quality: differences of perception and management between poultry and pig producers
M. Leblanc-Maridor, S. Brilland, P. Gambade and C. Belloc

Effect of an advisory project in veterinary homeopathy for livestock on health and antibiotic use
A. Maeschli, M. Jakob and M. Walkenhorst