Session 38. Insects in animal feed: beyond the protein concept

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Theatre Session

AMPs as active components of insect protein
invited A.J. Józefiak

The ENTOBIOTA project: added value for Hermetia illucens by exploring its microbiota
L. Van Campenhout, J. De Smet and M. Van Der Borght

A new wave of insect products
C.S. Richards

Antimicrobial activity of insects’ fats
D. Nucera, M. Meneguz, S. Piano, S. Dabbou, I. Biasato, A. Schiavone and L. Gasco

Evaluation of insect derived functional feed ingredients in poultry diets
S. Verstringe, G. Bruggeman and L. Bastiaens

Insects in poultry feed: a meta-analysis of the effect on average daily gain
N. Moula, E. Dawans and J. Detilleux

Effect of different insect meals on performance and gut health of monogastric animals
M.E. Van Der Heide, R.M. Engberg and J.V. Nørgaard

Effects of replacing soybean with black soldier fly in broiler feeding programs
D. Murta, M.A. Machado, R. Nunes, J.M. Almeida and O. Moreira

Black soldier fly larvae feed the future of laying hens: benefits for welfare and circularity
M.A.W. Ruis, J.L.T. Heerkens, J. Katoele and L. Star

Poster Session

Effects of dietary black soldier fly larvae oil on ileal microbiome and transcriptome in growing pig
S. Ji, S. Lee and K. Kim

Insect oil as an alternative to palm oil in broiler chicken nutrition
A. Benzertiha, B. Kierończyk, M. Rawski, A. Józefiak and D. Józefiak

Insects as functional feed additives affect broiler chickens’ growth performance and immune traits
A. Benzertiha, B. Kierończyk, P. Kołodziejski, E. Pruszyńska–oszmałek, M. Rawski, D. Józefiak and A. Józefiak

Effects of replacing soybean with black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) in broiler meat quality
J.M. Almeida, M.A. Machado, R. Nunes, D. Murta and O. Moreira

Chitin does not impair protein and lipid digestion in monogastric animals
A. Caligiani, L. Soetemans, G. Leni, L. Bastiaens and S. Sforza

Do Hermetia illucens larva substrates affect sensory traits of quail breast meat?
A. Dalle Zotte, Y. Singh, E. Pieterse, L.C. Hoffman and M. Cullere

Effect of the inclusion of Calliphora sp.-derived flour in the diet of organic slow-growing chicken
J.A. Abecia, C. Palacios, I. Revilla and A. Sarmiento

Insects for animal feed – a project for Poland
T. Bakuła, Ł. Zielonka, K. Obremski and J. Kisielewska

Effect of heating and high-pressure processing on the potential of black soldier fly larvae as feed
J. Ortuño, M. Campbell, A. Stratakos, M. Linton, N. Corcionivoschi and K. Theodoridou

Using insect meal in the diet of Atlantic salmon decreases accumulation of arsenic in the fillet
I. Biancarosa, V. Sele, I. Belghit, R. Ørnsrud, E.-J. Lock and H. Amlund

Comparison of the process parameters during pelleting in different feed formulation
V. Böschen