Session 39. Societal concerns, with focus on environment and antimicrobial resistance, that can be addressed through animal nutrition: state of science and specialty feed ingredients

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Theatre Session

Welcome and opening
J. Fink-Gremmels and J. Seifert

A healthy plant microbiome for healthy food and feed
invited L.S. Van Overbeek

Circadian variation in methane emission by sheep fed ryegrass-based pasture
A.A. Biswas and A. Jonker

Round table: Strategies to reduce the environmental impact of animal farming
L.S. Van Overbeek

Role of specialty feed ingredients in tackling societal challenges
invited S. Deschandelliers and P. Doncecchi

The effect of two probiotics on the prevalence of antimicrobial resistance of E. coli in broilers
A. Lee, M. Aldeieg, M. Woodward and C. Rymer

Effect of riboflavin dosage and source on growth, slaughter traits and welfare of broilers
C. Lambertz, J. Leopold, K. Damme, W. Vogt-Kaute, S. Ammer and F. Leiber

Mechanisms involved in heat stress response and characterization of intervention strategies
S. Varasteh, S. Braber and J. Fink-Gremmels

Poster Session

Relationships between heavy metals in milk, soil and water from agricultural and industrial areas
X.W. Zhou, H. Soyeurt, N. Zheng, C.Y. Su and J.Q. Wang

Effect of a natural repellent on dust mite
A. Burel, R. Dao, X.N. Nguyen, P. Coquelin and P. Chicoteau

Multiobjective feed formulation for pig: methodological approach and application
F. Garcia-Launay, C. Crolard, E. Teisseire, M. Davoudkhani and J. Aubin