Session 40. Various topics in pig production

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Theatre Session

Will the real Pietrain please stand up? Genomics reveal Pietrain pig diversity and substructure
W. Gorssen, N. Buys, R. Meyermans, J. Depuydt and S. Janssens

Genome-wide association study (GWAS) for fat depth and muscle depth in commercial crossbred Piétrain
M. Heidaritabar, M. Bink, A. Huisman, P. Charagu, M.S. Lopes and G. Plastow

Genetic analyses of boar taint and reproduction traits in Landrace and Large White
I. Brinke, K. Roth, M.J. Pröll-Cornelissen, C. Große-Brinkhaus, I. Schiefler and E. Tholen

Genetic parameters for reproductive and longevity traits in Bísaro pigs
G. Paixão, A. Martins, A. Esteves, R. Payan-Carreira and N. Carolino

Prediction of individual breeding values from group recordings
B. Nielsen, B. Ask, H. Gao and G. Su

Analysis of group recorded feed intake and individual records of body weight and litter size in mink
M.D. Madsen, T.M. Villumsen, M.S. Lund, B.K. Hansen, S.H. Møller and M. Shirali

Comparison of statistical parameters from genetic and genomic analyses of indirect genetic effects
B. Poulsen, B. Ask, T. Ostersen and O.F. Christensen

Using meat inspection data to improve pig health traits by breeding
A. Horst, J. Krieter, B. Voß and J. Krieter

Significant dyads in agonistic interactions and their impact on centrality parameters in pigs
K. Büttner, I. Czycholl, K. Mees and J. Krieter

Meat and fat quality of pigs intended for Spanish cured ham: effect of male castration and feeding
L. Pérez-Ciria, F.J. Miana-Mena, G. Ripoll and M.A. Latorre

Modelling growth performance of pigs and within-room thermal balance in different local conditions
N. Quiniou, A. Cadero, M. Marcon, A.C. Olsson, K.H. Jeppsson and L. Brossard

Incidence of heating the liquid feed on performance of fattening pigs
E. Royer, N. Lebas, G. Roques and L. Alibert

Digestive efficiency is a heritable trait to further improve feed efficiency in pigs
V. Déru, A. Bouquet, E. Labussière, P. Ganier, B. Blanchet, C. Carillier-Jacquin and H. Gilbert

Effect of genotype and dietary protein on digestive efficiency and protein and fat metabolism
L. Sarri, A.R. Seradj, M. Tor, G. De La Fuente and J. Balcells

Poster Session

Effect of sampling time on apparent digestibility of organic matter and net energy of pig feed
L. Paternostre, J. De Boever and S. Millet

Selection of genetically diverse animals from pedigree in Croatian autochthonous pig breeds
N. Karapandža, Ž. Mahnet, V. Klišanić, Z. Barać and M. Špehar

Association between PLIN2 polymorphism and carcass and meat quality traits in pigs
D. Polasik, E.M. Kamionka, M. Tyra, G. Żak and A. Terman

Frequency of genotypes associated with development of the uterus in sows
A. Mucha, K. Piórkowska, K. Ropka-Molik, M. Szyndler-Nędza, M. Małopolska and R. Tuz

Differences in removed testicles and spermatic cords after castration with different techniques
S.M. Schmid and J. Steinhoff-Wagner

Mathematical model of the behaviour of adult stem cells in skeletal muscle and adipose tissue of pigs
M.H. Perruchot, O. Duport, E. Darrigrand, I. Louveau and F. Mahé

Indicators animal behaviour in growing hybrid sows subjected to castration by biological immunization
R. Braun, S. Pattacini and V. Franco

Performance traits of Puławska pigs depending on polymorphism in the RYR1 gene (c.1843C>T)
M. Szyndler-Nędza, K. Ropka-Molik, A. Mucha, T. Blicharski and M. Babicz

Cost-effectiveness of environmental impact mitigation strategies in European pig production
G. Pexas, S. Mackenzie, M. Wallace and I. Kyriazakis

Upgraded EU rapeseed meal improves growth performance and nutrient digestibility in growing pigs
A.D.B. Melo, T. Oberholzer, E. Royer, E. Esteve-García and R. Lizardo

Impact of prebiotics or enhanced housing system on entire male pigs’ growth towards improved welfare
M.A. Ramos, M.F. Fonseca, R.P.R. Da Costa, R. Cordeiro, M.A.P. Conceição, A. Frias and L. Martin

Aggressive behaviour and body lesions in juvenile boars of 6 to 8 months age
M. Fonseca, M.A. Ramos, M.A.P. Conceição, L. Martin, A. Frias, R. Cordeiro, N. Lavado and R.P.R. Da Costa

Genetic parameters for traits derived from behavioural tests for lactating sows
J. Kecman, J. Neu, N. Göres, F. Rosner, B. Voss, N. Kemper and H.H. Swalve

Assessing pubertal age through testicular and epididymal histology in Bísaro pig
G. Paixão, A. Esteves, N. Carolino, M. Pires and R. Payan-Carreira

Genetic parameters of feeding behaviour traits in Finnish pig breeds including social effects
A.T. Kavlak and P. Uimari

Economic optimization of feeding strategy in pig-fattening units with an individual-based model
M. Davoudkhani, F. Mahé, J.Y. Dourmad, E. Darrigrand, A. Gohin and F. Garcia-Launay