Session 41. Resilient livestock farming systems in the context of climate and market uncertainties

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Theatre Session

Resilience of livestock farming systems: concepts, methods and insights from case studies on organic
G. Martin, M. Bouttes and A. Perrin

How much is enough – the effect of nutrient profiling on carbon footprints of 14 common food products
G.A. McAuliffe, T. Takahashi and M.R.F. Lee

Farm resilience: a farmers’ perception case study
E. Muñoz-Ulecia, A. Bernués, I. Casasús and D. Martin-Collado

Resilience of yak farming in Bhutan
N. Dorji, M. Derks, P. Dorji, P.W.G.G. Koerkamp and E.A.M. Bokkers

Measurement enhanced the operationalization of resilience concept applied to livestock farms
M.O. Nozières-Petit, E. Sodre, A. Vidal, S. De Tourdonnet and C.H. Moulin

Environmental footprint and efficiency of mountain dairy farms
M. Berton, S. Bovolenta, M. Corazzin, L. Gallo, S. Pinterits, M. Ramanzin, W. Ressi, C. Spigarelli, A. Zuliani and E. Sturaro

Enhancing resilience of EU livestock systems; what is the role of actors beyond the farm?
M. Meuwissen, W. Paas, G. Taveska, E. Wauters, F. Accatino, B. Soriano, M. Tudor, F. Appel and P. Reidsma

Organization of an alfalfa hay sector between cereal farms, livestock farms and a local cooperative
E. Thiery, G. Brunschwig, P. Veysset and C. Mosnier

Performance, longevity and financial impacts of removing productive ewes early from mountain flocks
H. Wishart, C. Morgan-Davies, A. Waterhouse and D. McCracken

How can we better support the future in dairy farmers from the point of view of the stakeholders?
A.-L. Jacquot, F. Kling-Eveillard and C. Disenhaus

How agro–ecological transition could sustain goat keeping in nomadic systems of Iran
F. Mirzaei

Poster Session

Italian ryegrass yield prediction for forage supply to ruminant livestock farming in South Korea
J.L. Peng and L.R. Guan

Characteristics of carcass traits and meat quality of broilers chickens reared underconventional and
A. Ehsani

Determinants of the sustainability of dryland sheep farming: preliminary results
P.M. Toro-Mujica, R.R. Vera, C. Arraño and L. Robles

Productive evaluation of tropical livestock agribusinesses based on most probable producing ability
H. Estrella-Quintero, V. Mariscal-Aguayo and E. Salas-Barboza

Potential intake of snails and slugs by free-ranged livestock
K. Germain, C. Collas, M. Brachet and S. Jurjanz

Productive behaviour of dual-purpose cows in the region of Tierra Blanca, Veracruz, Mexico
V. Mariscal-Aguayo, H. Estrella-Quintero and E. Salas-Barboza