Session 42. Equine production and equine products/use

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Theatre Session

Linking horse production and leisure activities: drivers, responses and consequences for the sector
R. Evans

Towards a reconstitution of riders’ paths and a typology of riding schools and clients
C. Eslan, C. Vial, S. Costa and P. Rollet

A model of loyalty to services: an example from recreational riders in French riding schools
C. Vial, C. Eslan, S. Costa and P. Rollet

Horse assisted activities as a treatment for participants with Parkinson’s disease
A. Kaić, B. Luštrek, C.P. Likar, M. Martini Gnezda, D. Flisar and K. Potočnik

Soil intake in grazing sport horses
S. Jurjanz, C. Collas, C. Quish, B. Younge and C. Feidt

The effect of different herbage allowances on dry matter intake and digestibility in grazing horses
C. Quish

Influence of mare body conformation on growth and development of Lusitano foals until weaning
M.J. Fradinho, D. Assunção, A.L. Costa, C. Maerten, V. Gonçalves, P. Abreu, M. Bliebernicht and A. Vicente

Meeting nutritional needs to ensure dairy donkeys’ welfare
F. Raspa, D. Vergnano, L. Cavallarin, A. McLean, M. Tarantola and E. Valle

Analysis of the composition of frozen and lyophilisate mare milk for differences in composition
G.M. Polak

Technological approach to donkey milk cheesemaking and sensory characterization of the product
M. Faccia, G. Gambacorta, G. Martemucci and A.G. D’Alessandro

Aging of different horse muscles: a proteomic approach
P. De Palo, R. Marino, J.M. Lorenzo and A. Maggiolino

Volatile compounds profile of donkey meat during aging
A. Maggiolino, R. Marino, J.M. Lorenzo and P. De Palo

Poster Session

Young rider’s satisfaction and loyalty to a club: factors and influences
C. Eslan, C. Vial, S. Costa and O. Thomas

The horsemeat market in France: first overview and research perspectives
C. Vial and S. Costa

Influence of temperature and storage time on oxidation and fatty acids in foal meat
M.V. Sarriés, M. Benavent, E. Ugalde, M. Ruiz, K. Insausti, M.J. Beriain, J.M. Lorenzo and A. Purroy

High protein intake does not increase activation of mTOR compared to low protein intake in horses
C.M.M. Loos, S.C. Dorsch, A.M. Gerritsen, K.R. McLeod and K.L. Urschel

Study on selected minor trace elements in donkey milk: first results
F. Fantuz, S. Ferraro, L. Todini, A. Fatica and E. Salimei

Milk production quantity model evaluation in saddle horse Anglo-Arabian type lactating mares
L. Wimel, J. Auclair-Ronzaud and C. Dubois