Session 43. Burning issues in biodiversity 2: fitter livestock farms from better gene banks

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Theatre Session

The IMAGE unified data portal to integrate and represent European gene bank data
invited P. Cozzi, J. Fan, A. Sokolov, O. Selmoni, E. Vajana, S. Joost, E. Groeneveld, P. Flicek, P. Harrison and A. Stella

SmartCow: integrating European cattle research infrastructures to improve their phenotyping offer
R. Baumont, R. Dewhurst, B. Kuhla, C. Martin, L. Munksgaard, C. Reynolds, M. O’Donovan and B. Esmein

GplusE: Mid-infrared milk analysis based technologies adding value to gene banks
N. Gengler, C. Grelet, H. Soyeurt, F. Dehareng and GplusE Consortium (

Responses of pigs divergently selected for cortisol level or feed efficiency to a challenge diet
H. Gilbert, E. Terenina, J. Ruesche, L. Gress, Y. Billon, P. Mormede and C. Larzul

H2020 IMAGE project strategy to investigate local adaptation in European sheep
invited L. Colli, O. Selmoni, M. Barbato, M. Del Corvo, E. Vajana, E. Eufemi, B. Benjelloun, S. Joost, P. Ajmone Marsan and IMAGE Consortium

Economic resilience and efficiency indicators of conventional and organic dairy farms across Europe
C. Grovermann, S. Quiedeville, M. Stolze, F. Leiber and S. Moakes

Capacity building to enhance the use of animal genetic resources in a multinational context
L.T. Gama, P. Boettcher, O. Cortes, M. Naves, M.R. Lanari, L.M. Melucci, C. Lucero, S.J. Hiemstra, A. Elbeltagi, B. Benjelloun, A. Bouwman, J.J. Windig, A.J. Amaral and M. Tixier-Boichard

Burning issues in biodiversity 2: fitter livestock farms from better gene banks?
M. Tixier-Boichard and IMAGE Consortium