Session 44. Free communications in animal genetics

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Theatre Session

Generalizing the construction of genomic relationship matrices
L. Gomez-Raya, W.M. Rauw and J.C.M. Dekkers

meBLUP: a new single step gBLUP combining pedigree and SNP information without genomic inverse
E. Groeneveld and A. Neumaier

Factors affecting accuracy of estimated effective number of chromosome segments for small breeds
J. Marjanovic and M.P.L. Calus

Impact of data sub-setting strategies on variance component estimation for Interbeef evaluations
R. Bonifazi, J. Vandenplas, J. Napel, A. Cromie, R.F. Veerkamp and M.P.L. Calus

Genome-wide association study for natural antibodies in colostrum of Swedish dairy cattle
J. Cordero-Solorzano, J.J. Wensman, M. Tråvén, J.A.J. Arts, H.K. Parmentier, H. Bovenhuis and D.J. De Koning

WGBLUP model improves accuracy of breeding values prediction in a commercial line of broilers
H. Romé, T.T. Chu, R. Hawken, J. Henshall and J. Jensen

Impact of preselection on genetic evaluation of selection candidates using single step
I. Jibrila, J. Ten Napel, J. Vandenplas, R.F. Veerkamp and M.P.L. Calus

Genetic analysis of different categories of fertility disorders in Holstein cows
V. Müller-Rätz, R. Schafberg, F. Rosner, K.F. Stock and H.H. Swalve

Modelling fertility trait as censored observations in Finnish Ayrshire data
K. Matilainen, G.P. Aamand and E.A. Mäntysaari

Identification of genomic regions associated with bovine fertility
H. Sweett, E. Ribeiro, A. Livernois, S. Nayeri, M. Romulo Carvalho, J. Felipe Warmling Sprícigo, F. Miglior and A. Cánovas

Poster Session

Genotype imputation on several SNP-chip panels for genomic selection on Norwegian White Sheep
X. Yu, J.H. Jakobsen, T. Blichfeldt, J.C. McEwan and T.H.E. Meuwissen

SNP prioritisation in GWAS with dense marker sets
B. Czech, T. Suchocki and J. Szyda

Using genomics to understand the genetic architecture of tolerance to Aleutian disease in mink
Y. Miar

SNP discovery and association study with milk fat traits in Mediterranean river buffalo Leptin gene
G. Cosenza, D. Gallo, G. Chemello, G. Gaspa, L. Di Stasio and A. Pauciullo

Leptin receptor LEPR gene is associated with reproductive seasonality in Rasa Aragonesa sheep breed
K. Lakhssassi, M. Serrano, B. Lahoz, P. Sarto, L. Iguacel, J. Folch, J.L. Alabart and J.H. Calvo

Sequence-based GWAS on carcass traits and organ proportions in Charolais cows
P. Martin, S. Taussat, D. Krauss, D. Maupetit, A. Vinet and G. Renand

Genome-wide association study for backfat thickness trait in Nellore cattle
R.P. Silva, M.P. Berton, F.E. Carvalho, L. Grigoletto, J.B.S. Ferraz, J.P. Eler, R.B. Lobo and F.S. Baldi Rey

Effect of lactose percentage in milk on longevity in Polish Holstein-Friesian cows
M. Morek-Kopec and A. Zarnecki

Genetic parameters for workability and conformation traits Polish Holstein-Friesian dairy cattle
B. Szymik, P. Topolski, K. Żukowski and W. Jagusiak

Construction and evaluation of economic selection indices for Japanese Black cattle
H. Hirooka, K. Oishi, E. Muraki and K. Inoue

Genetic relationships between growth curve parameters and reproductive traits in Wagyu cattle
K. Inoue, M. Hosono, H. Oyama and H. Hirooka

Evaluation criterion for response to selection with constraint
M. Satoh, S. Ogawa and Y. Uemoto

Bayesian response to selection on linear and ratio traits of feed efficiency in dairy cattle
M.S. Islam, J. Jensen, P. Karlskov-Mortensen, P. Løvendahl and M. Shirali

Estimation of genomic breeding values for three milk traits in the Frizarta dairy sheep
A. Kominakis, G. Antonakos and A. Saridaki

Autorregressive and random regression models in multiple lactations of Holstein cattle
D.A. Silva, J. Carvalheira, P.S. Lopes, A.A. Silva, H.T. Silva, F.F. Silva, R. Veroneze, G. Thompson and C.N. Costa

Genetic parameters for lactation curve traits in Holstein dairy cows
M. Salamone, H. Atashi, J. De Koster, G. Opsomer and M. Hostens

Preliminary longevity analysis for birth weight homogeneity in mice
N. Formoso-Rafferty, J.P. Gutiérrez and I. Cervantes

GWAS for six milk production traits in Spanish Churra Sheep using deregressed EBV
M. Sánchez-Mayor, R. Pong-Wong and J.J. Arranz

A locus on BTA5 with sex-dependent effect on horn growth in Norwegian Red cattle
A.B. Gjuvsland, H. Storlien and A.G. Larsgard

Routine approach to identification of mastitis using copy number variations in dairy cattle
K. Żukowski, P. Topolski and M. Skarwecka

KASP assay of 89 SNPs in Romanian cattle breeds and their association with mastitis and lameness
D.E. Ilie, D. Gavojdian, R.I. Neamt and L.T. Cziszter

Benchmark of algorithms for multiple DNA sequence alignment across livestock species
A. Bąk, G. Migdałek and K. Żukowski

Traces of Carpathian wolf in genome of dogs
N. Moravčíková, D. Simonová and R. Kasarda

Genetic parameters for semen production traits in Swiss dairy bulls
A. Burren, H. Joerg, M. Erbe, A.R. Gilmour, U. Witschi and F. Schmitz-Hsu

Genetic parameters for reproductive traits of Nellore cattle using a threshold-linear model
N.G. Leite, P.V.B. Ramos, T.E.Z. Santana, A.L.S. Garcia, H.T. Ventura, S. Tsuruta, D.A.L. Lourenco and F.F. Silva

Autoregressive model in genetic evaluation for interval reproductive traits of Holstein dairy cattle
H.T. Silva, C.N. Costa, D.A. Silva, A.A. Silva, F.F. Silva, P.S. Lopes, R. Veroneze, G. Thompson and J. Carvalheira

Genome-wide association for milk production, lactation curve and calving interval in Holstein cows
H. Atashi, M. Salavati, J. De Koster, J. Ehrlich, M.A. Crowe, G. Opsomer and M. Hostens

Establishing a female reference sample for susceptibility to digital dermatitis in Holstein cows
H.H. Swalve, M. Wensch-Dorendorf, G. Kopke, F. Rosner, D. Oelschlägel, B. Brenig and D. Döpfer

Improved cow claw health by selection – a Nordic experience
H. Stålhammar and C. Bergsten

Association of genomic and parental breeding values with cow performance in Nordic dairy cattle
C. Bengtsson, H. Stålhammar, E. Strandberg, S. Eriksson and W.F. Fikse

Patterns of DNA variation between autosomes and sex chromosomes in Bos taurus genome
B. Czech, B. Guldbrandtsen and J. Szyda

Expression of genes involved in the cows’ mammary gland defence during staphylococcal mastitis
E. Kawecka, E. Kościuczuk, M. Zalewska, D. Słoniewska, M. Rzewuska, S. Marczak, L. Zwierzchowski and E. Bagnicka

Association of TGFB1 and TNF-α gene SNPs with dairy cattle production and udder health state traits
P. Brodowska, E. Kawecka, M. Zalewska, D. Reczyńska, D. Słoniewska, S. Marczak, S. Petrykowski, L. Zwierzchowski and E. Bagnicka

Use of repeated group measurements with drop out animals for genetic analysis
H. Gao, B. Nielsen, G. Su, P. Madsen, J. Jensen, O.F. Christensen, T. Ostersen and M. Shirali

Genetic evaluations for dam type specific calving performance traits in a multi breed population
R. Evans, A. Cromie and T. Pabiou

Integration of external information from multiple traits into the national multitrait evaluations
T.J. Pitkänen, M. Koivula, I. Strandén, G.P. Aamand and E.A. Mäntysaari