Session 45. Alarm management, individual feed efficiency, data quality and data ownership, decision support systems

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Theatre Session

TrackLab 2: automatic recording and analysis of the behaviour of animals kept in groups
L.P.J.J. Noldus, W. Ouweltjes, T.B. Rodenburg, E.K. Visser, B.J. Loke and A. Van Gijssel

Application of a precision feeding program in growing pigs: effect on performance and nutrient use
L. Brossard, M. Marcon, J.Y. Dourmad, J. Van Milgen, J. Pomar, V. Lopez and N. Quiniou

Using a commercial precision livestock farming sensor to record dairy cows’ behaviour at pasture
M. Bouchon, L. Rouchez and P. Pradel

Opportunities and challenges of data integration with focus on claw health for decision support
C. Egger-Danner, M. Suntinger, F. Grandl, P. Majcen, F. Bapst, O. Saukh, M. Fallast, A. Turkaspa, J. Duda, C. Linke, F. Steininger, T. Wittek, B. Fuerst-Waltl, F. Auer and J. Kofler

Detecting perturbations in dairy cows liveweight trajectories
O. Martin and A. Ben Abdelkrim

Using nonlinear state space models for robust short-term forecasting of milk yield
M. Pastell

Promising parameters to foresee intake and feed efficiency at pasture – a meta-analysis approach
M. Boval and D. Sauvant

Validation of sensor on rumination and feeding behaviour of dairy heifers in two feedlot systems
R.D. Kliemann, E.M. Nascimento, S.R. Fernandes, M.M. Campos, T.R. Tomich, L.G.R. Pereira and A.F. Garcez Neto

Sensing the individual animal feed efficiency
I. Halachmi, N. Barchilon, R. Bezen, V. Bloch, O. Geffen, A. Godo, J. Lepar, H. Levit, E. Vilenski, E. Metuki and S. Druyan

Poster Session

An automatic method of forage intake estimation for Tibetan sheep based on sound analysis
H. Sheng, L.S. Zuo, G.H. Duan, H.L. Zhang, S.F. Zhang, M.X. Shen, W. Yao, L.S. Liu and M.Z. Lu

High performance computing developments for precision pig farming, open sea fishing and aquaculture
J. Maselyne, D. Jensen, K. Sys, H. Polet, M. Aluwé, R. Van De Vijver, R. Klont, M. Bouwknegt and K. Bovolis

SEM-EDAX analysis used as a tool to investigate dairy cows’ stored feed resources
C.V. Mihali, D.E. Ilie, R.I. Neamt and A.E. Mizeranschi

On-farm estimation of claw traits related to health and milk production
R. Kasarda, R. Židek, J. Candrák, M. Vlček and N. Moravčíková

Faecal-NIRS for predicting digestibility and intake in cattle: efficacy of two calibration strategy
D. Andueza, P. Nozière, S. Herremans, A. De La Torre, E. Froidmont, F. Picard, J. Pourrat, I. Constant, C. Martin and G. Cantalapiedra-Hijar

Experts’ opinion on how to validate an individual welfare monitoring system for fattening pigs
P. Briene, C. Vandenbussche, B. Sonck, J. Vangeyte and J. Maselyne

Tool for dairy farmers to predict on site the composition of their forage with NIR spectroscopy
N.C. Chamberland