Session 46. Sustainable pig production systems (part I)

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Theatre Session

Assessing sustainability trade-offs between pig welfare, economy of production and farmer wellbeing
J. Helmerichs, S.J. Hörtenhuber, A.K. Ruckli and S. Dippel

Developing a methodology for sustainability scoring of pig farms
R. Hoste

Farmers’ and other stakeholders’ view on sustainable pig production systems
S. Hörtenhuber, R. Chapman, P. Ferrari, M. Gebska, J. Helmerichs, C. Hubbard, C. Leeb, C. Munsterhjelm, A.K. Ruckli, K. Swan, H. Vermeer and S. Dippel

Pig farmers’ willingness to participate in animal welfare programs
A. Kuhlmann, S. Schukat and H. Heise

Welfare assessment of pigs using a multi-factorial approach (MulTiViS)
H. Gerhardy, H. Meyer, H. Plate, I. Spiekermeier, B. Wegner, J. Grosse-Kleimann, H. Nienhoff and L. Kreienbrock

Pig welfare self-assessment and benchmarking tool – a mobile application for farmers
A. Watteyn, M. Thys, W. Wytynck, G. Vandepoel, B. Sonck and F. Tuyttens

Applying life cycle assessment to sparse historical data from pig systems
M. Misiura, M. Ottosen, S. Mackenzie, J. Filipe and I. Kyriazakis

The carbon footprint, nitrogen and phosphorus efficiency in boars, barrows and immunocastrates
S. Millet, C. De Cuyper, V. Stefanski, K. Kress and A. Van Den Broeke

Tailored phase-feeding program for liquid-fed growing pig towards a reduced use of protein rich diet
F. Maupertuis, D. Olivier and N. Quiniou

Effect of dietary energy level on performance and environmental sustainability in male pigs
A. Van Den Broeke, C. De Cuyper, M. Aluwé and S. Millet

Poster Session

SusPigSys: assessment and feedback of sustainability of pig production systems
A.K. Ruckli, C. Leeb, K. De Roest, M. Gebska, J. Guy, M. Heinonen, J. Helmerichs, S. Hörtenhuber, H. Spoolder, A. Valros and S. Dippel

Sustainability of pig production through improved feed efficiency
W.M. Rauw, E. Gómez Izquierdo, L.A. García Cortés, E. De Mercado De La Peña, J.M. García Casco, J.J. Ciruelos and L. Gomez-Raya

Evaluating the environmental impacts of selection for residual feed intake in pigs
F. Soleimani Jevinani and H. Gilbert

Estimated cost savings from reduction of ammonium-salt based inorganic second aerosol from livestock
S. Lee, M. Kim and J.H. Hwang

Measuring particles in pig housing
S. Lagadec, N. Guingand and M. Hassouna

Effects of soil spreading of swine manure on bioavailability of trace elements in contaminated soils
M. Kim and S. Lee

Pig manure economic valuation by nutrient balance
R.A. Nacimento, M.F. Silva, E.R. Afonso, O.A. Ojeda-Rojas, J.C.P. Palhares and A.H. Gameiro

Applied analytical hierarchical processing in a social sustainability study of pig farming in Sweden
S. Zira, E. Ivarsson, E. Röös and L. Rydhmer

Genetic parameters for feed intake and growth curves in three-way crossbred pigs
R.M. Godinho, R. Bergsma, S.E.F. Guimarães, F.F. Silva, E.F. Knol, J. Van Milgen, H. Komen and J.W.M. Bastiaansen

Economic weights of sperm quality traits for sire breed using the gene flow methods
Z. Krupová, M. Wolfová, E. Krupa and E. Žáková

Effect of sow lines and type of Belgian Piétrain sire line on carcass and meat quality
E. Kowalski, E. Vossen, M. Aluwé, S. Millet and S. De Smet

Dietary inclusion of ensiled avocado (Persia Americana) oil cake on pig growth performance
M.L. Seshoka, I.M.M. Malebana, P.J. Fourie, A.T. Kanengoni and B.D. Nkosi

Italian ryegrass improves growth performance with increased gut Lactobacillus in pigs
S.K. Park, N. Recharla and D.W. Kim

Effect of phytase on performance and bone mineralization in growing pigs fed a deficient P diet
B. Villca, G. Cordero, P. Wilcock and R. Lizardo

Steroidome and metabolome analysis in gilt saliva to identify biomarkers of boar effect receptivity
G. Goudet, P. Liere, L. Nadal-Desbarats, D. Grivault, C. Douet, J. Savoie, S. Ferchaud, F. Maupertuis, A. Roinsard, S. Boulot and A. Prunier

Welfare of entire males, immunocastrates and surgical castrated pigs in socially unstable groups
L. Wiesner, K. Kress, U. Weiler and V. Stefanski

Profile and consumer acceptance of salami from immunocastrated, castrated and entire male pigs
E. Kostyra, S. Żakowska-Biemans, M. Aluwé, A. Van Den Broeke, M. Candek-Potakar and M. Škrlep

Sustainable precision livestock farming: real-time estimation of body protein mass in pigs
A. Remus, S. Méthot, L. Hauschild and C. Pomar