Session 49. Health in poultry and free communications

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Theatre Session

Synbiotics for in ovo aplication – in vitro design
K. Stadnicka, P. Gulewicz, M. Succi, G. Maiorano and M. Bednarczyk

Effect of chronic exposure to endotoxins on respiratory health of broilers
M. Kluivers-Poodt, J.M. Rommers, N. Stockhofe, A.J.A. Aarnink and J.M.J. Rebel

The influence of laying performance and estradiol-17ß on keel bone fractures in laying hens
S. Petow, B. Eusemann, A. Patt and L. Schrader

First approach: validation of a scoring system to assess pododermatitis in Pekin ducks
L. Klambeck, J. Stracke, B. Spindler, D. Klotz, P. Wohlsein, H.-G. Schön, F. Kaufmann, N. Kemper and R. Andersson

G×E interactions of body weight for broilers raised in bio-secure and commercial environments
T.T. Chu, H. Romé, E. Norberg, D. Marois, J. Henshall and J. Jensen

SNP prioritisation for immune responses traits of hens
T. Suchocki, B. Czech, M. Siwek and J. Szyda

Optimising enrichment use for commercial broiler chickens
M. Baxter and N.E. O’Connell

Production performance of two dual-purpose chicken breeds in a mobile stable system
F. Kaufmann, U. Nehrenhaus and R. Andersson

Genetics of the relationships between immunocompetence, resilience, and production in chickens
T.V.L. Berghof, K. Peeters, J. Visscher and H.A. Mulder

Contribution of the chair: selected posters + relevance of other species
K. Stadnicka and E.F. Knol

Poster Session

Evaluating body weight and egg number per bird per week for four tropically adapted chicken breeds
S.W. Alemu, O. Hanotte, R. Mrode and T. Dessie

Benefits of using genomic information for broiler breeding program in presence of G×E interactions
T.T. Chu, E. Norberg, C. Huang, J. Henshall and J. Jensen

Comparison of broiler productivity fed different types of diet at commercial farm in Northern Japan
A. Tozawa and S. Sato

L-selenocystine and L-selenomethionine and their deposition in broiler muscle tissue
S. Van Beirendonck, B. Driessen, G. Du Laing, B. Bruneel and L. Segers

Fluctuation of chicken meat price in European Union in 2007-2018
K. Utnik-Banaś

Relationship between the number of hatchings and the pre-incubation conditions of poultry eggs
D.I. Carrillo-Moreno, J.H. Hernandez, C.A. Meza-Herrera, J.A. Beltran-Legaspi, E. Carrillo-Castellanos, J.Z. Ordoñez-Morales and F.G. Véliz-Deras

Effects of de-oiled lecithin in laying hens
Y. Yang, D.H. Nguyen, S.B. Yoon, W.J. Seok, K.A. Kim and I.H. Kim

Productive response in broilers fed with rape seed (Brassica napus)
R. Braun, J. Chapado, M. Magnani and S. Pattacini

Animal welfare and productivity of hosted hens in a cage-free system
R. Braun, S. Pattacini and J. Sosa Bruno

European guide of good and better practices for poultry transport
L. Warin, J. Litt, C. Mindus, E. Sossidou, H.A.M. Spoolder and L. Bignon

Influence of humic acids on ammonia concentrations, final live weight and mortality of broilers
Z. Palkovičová, M. Uhrinčať and J. Brouček

Chestnut tannins in laying hen feed and their effect on metabolism
K. Buyse, B. Wegge, E. Delezie, G.G.P. Janssens and M. Lourenço

Improving disease resistance in chickens: divergent selection on natural antibodies
T.V.L. Berghof, J.J. Van Der Poel, J.A.J. Arts, H. Bovenhuis, M.H.P.W. Visker and H.K. Parmentier

How accurate is keel bone damage assessment by palpation and how does experience affect this?
S. Buijs, J.L.T. Heerkens, B. Ampe, E. Delezie, T.B. Rodenburg and F.A.M. Tuyttens

Using mixed rice bran in laying hen diets
U.O. Emegha

Impact of a litter amendment on welfare indicators and litter quality in a Turkey husbandry
K. Toppel, H. Schoen, F. Kaufmann, M. Gauly and R. Andersson

A genomic single-step random regression model for egg production in turkeys (Meleagris Gallopavo)
H. Emamgholi Begli, B.J. Wood, E.A. Abdalla, O. Willems, F. Schenkel and C.F. Baes