Session 51. Progress in making aquaculture more sustainable

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Theatre Session

Improvements in larviculture of Crangon crangon: steps towards its commercial aquaculture
B. Van Eynde, D. Vuylsteke, O. Christiaens, K. Cooreman, G. Smagghe and D. Delbare

Understanding the regulatory mechanisms for sex determination and colour pattern genes in zebrafish
S. Hosseini, M. Gültas, L. Hahn, A.O. Schmitt, H. Simianer and A.R. Sharifi

Quantification of non-additive genetic effects in Nile tilapia using both pedigree and genomics
R. Joshi, J.A. Woolliams, T.H.E. Meuwissen and H.M. Gjøen

Genomic selection in Nile tilapia increases prediction accuracy and gives unbiased estimates of EBVs
R. Joshi, A. Skaarud, M. De Vera, A.T. Alvarez and J. Ødegård

GWAS and accuracy of predictions for resistance against IPN in rainbow trout
M.L. Aslam, S. Valdemarsson, A.A. Berge and B. Gjerde

Effects of group mate relatedness on body weight and variability of body weight in Nile tilapia
J. Marjanovic, H.A. Mulder, H.L. Khaw and P. Bijma

Genetic variation for thermal sensitivity in growth and lice tolerance of Atlantic salmon
H.L. Khaw, S.A. Boison, L.-H. Johansen, M.W. Breiland and P. Sae-Lim

Haplotype-based genomic predictions in Atlantic salmon
S.A. Boison, S. Gonen, A. Norris and M. Baranski

A mega-analysis using microbial prediction of individual performance across aquaculture species
G.F. Difford and E.H. Leder

Imputation and genomic prediction accuracies for pancreases disease in Atlantic salmon
B.S. Dagnachew, M. Baranski and S.A. Boison

Poster Session

Regression equation for loin eye area prediction through morphometric traits in Colossoma macropomum
C.A. Perazza, F.O. Bussiman, A.W.S. Hilsdorf and J.B.S. Ferraz

Development and application of a duplex PCR assay for detection of viruses in Crangon crangon
B. Van Eynde, O. Christiaens, D. Delbare, K. Cooreman, K.S. Bateman, G.D. Stentiford, A.M. Dullemans, M.M. Van Oers and G. Smagghe

Seasonal abundance of the Sparicotyle chrysophrii and haematocrit values of the farmed sea bream
S. Colak, R. Baric, M. Kolega, D. Mejdandzic, A. Doric, B. Mustac, B. Petani, I. Zupan and T. Saric

Non-aerated ponds reduces variances and heritabilities compared to aerated ponds in Nile tilapia
S.B. Mengistu, H.A. Mulder, J.A.H. Benzie, H.L. Khaw and H. Komen

Use of oil, solvent-extracted meal and protein concentrate from Camelina sativa for rainbow trout
J. Lu, S.M. Tibbetts, S.P. Lall and D.M. Anderson