Session 53. Fibre from camelids and sheep

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Theatre Session

Developing the wool sector as a tool for local/regional development
Y. Dupriez and K. Thollier

How to assess sustainability of animal fibre production – a case study on Cashmere in Mongolia
M. Wurzinger, L. Supper and M. Purevdorj

A new wool-shedding sheep breed
D. Allain, B. Pena-Arnaud, D. Marcon, C. Huau, D. François and L. Drouilhet

Application of the resistance test in assessing changes in lamb’s wool depending on age
P. Cholewińska, A. Wyrostek, K. Czyż and D. Łuczycka

Energetic and thermal adaptations of llamas (Lama glama) in the High Andes of Peru
A. Riek, A. Stölzl, R. Marquina Bernedo, T. Ruf, W. Arnold, C. Hambly, J.R. Speakman and M. Gerken

Poster Session

Calving date as a potential breeding objective to manage the reproductive seasonality in alpacas
A. Cruz, I. Cervantes, R. Torres, N. Formoso-Rafferty, R. Morante, A. Burgos and J.P. Gutiérrez

Status of the alpaca breeding in Poland
A. Slawinska, A. Zmudzinska and M. Wierzbicki