Session 54. Free communications Inbreeding; GxE

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Theatre Session

A mixed-model analysis including hidden inbreeding depression load
L. Varona, J. Altarriba, C. Moreno and J. Casellas

Genomic and pedigree methods to analyse inbreeding depression in Basco-Béarnaise rams
Z.G. Vitezica, I. Aguilar, J.M. Astruc and A. Legarra

Identification of homozygous haplotypes associated with reduced fertility in Finnish Ayrshire cattle
K. Martikainen and P. Uimari

Comparative approach of missing homozygosity and GWAS in Brown Swiss cattle
F.R. Seefried, I.M. Häfliger, M. Spengeler and C. Drögemüller

Missing ROH – recommendations for tuning PLINK in ROH analyses
R. Meyermans, W. Gorssen, N. Buys and S. Janssens

Dissection of inbreeding in line 1 Hereford
E.A. Hay, P. Sumreddee, S. Toghiani, A.J. Roberts and R. Rekaya

G×E and selection response for type traits in a local cattle breed using a reaction norm approach
C. Sartori, F. Tiezzi, N. Guzzo and R. Mantovani

Investigations on G×E interactions at single trait and index level in Brown Swiss dairy cattle
M. Schmid, A. Imort-Just, R. Emmerling, C. Fuerst, H. Hamann and J. Bennewitz

Genomic selection breeding program benefits more than traditional one in presence of G×E
L. Cao, H. Liu, H.A. Mulder, M. Henryon, J.R. Thomasen, M. Kargo and A.C. Sørensen

Poster Session

Genotype by environment interaction using reaction norms for milk yield in Brazilian Holstein cattle
V.B. Pedrosa, H.A. Mulim, A.A. Valloto, L.F.B. Pinto, A. Zampar and G.B. Mourão

Genotype by environment interaction for fat yield in Brazilian Holstein cattle using reaction norms
V.B. Pedrosa, H.A. Mulim, A.A. Valloto, L.F.B. Pinto, A. Zampar and G.B. Mourão

Pedigree-based genetic relationships and genetic variability in Estonian Holstein population
T. Kaart, K. Smirnov and H. Viinalass

Intensity of selection in the genome dual-purpose cattle breeding in Slovakia
R. Kasarda, B. Olšanská, A. Trakovická, O. Kadlečík and N. Moravčíková

Genomic characterisation of Czech Holstein cattle
L. Vostry, H. Vostra-Vydrova, N. Moravcikova, B. Hofmanova, J. Pribyl, Z. Vesela and I. Majzlik