Session 55. Sensing cutting edge technologies in milk and livestock

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Theatre Session

Characterization of quarter milk yield losses during clinical mastitis in dairy cows
I. Adriaens, L. D’Anvers, B. De Ketelaere, W. Saeys, K. Geerinckx, I. Van Den Brulle, S. Piepers and B. Aernouts

Timing and consistency of luteolysis detection using two algorithms for milk progesterone monitoring
I. Adriaens, W. Saeys, N.C. Friggens, O. Martin, K. Geerinckx, B. De Ketelaere and B. Aernouts

Sensor fusion for early detection of mastitis in dairy cattle
C. Davison, C. Michie, A. Hamilton, C. Tachtatzis and I. Andonovic

NIR sensor for online quality analysis of raw milk: from concept to validation
B. Aernouts, J. Diaz-Olivares, I. Adriaens and W. Saeys

Online quality analysis of raw milk: potential of miniature spectrometers
B. Aernouts, J. Diaz-Olivares, I. Adriaens and W. Saeys

Milk urea: a promising non-invasive indicator of SARA in dairy goats in the context of PLF?
S. Giger-Reverdin and C. Duvaux-Ponter

Poster Session

Evaluation of factors affecting passive transfer of immunity to calves using a Brix refractometer
A. Soufleri, G. Banos, N. Panousis, N. Siachos, G. Arsenos and G.E. Valergakis