Session 56. Metabolic diseases in dairy cows: strategies for their reduction

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Theatre Session

Phenotypic analysis of blood β-hydroxybutyrate predicted from cow milk mid-infrared spectra
A. Benedet, M. Franzoi and M. De Marchi

Capitalizing on European collaboration for large-scale screening for ketosis in dairy cows
C. Bastin, M. Calmels, A. Werner, U. Schuler, X. Massart, C. Grelet, M. Gelé, D. Glauser and L.M. Dale

Indicators of subacute ruminal acidosis in early lactating dairy cows in commercial dairy farms
M. Zschiesche, A. Mensching, A.R. Sharifi, H. Jansen, D. Albers and J. Hummel

Prediction of reticular and ruminal pH progressions with transponder based feed intake
A. Mensching, K. Bünemann, U. Meyer, D. Von Soosten, S. Dänicke, J. Hummel and A.R. Sharifi

Genomic prediction of serum biomarkers of health in early lactation dairy cows
T.D.W. Luke, T.T.T. Nguyen, S. Rochort, W.J. Wales, C.M. Richardson, M. Abdelsayed and J.E. Pryce

Genetic analysis of ruminal acidosis resistance in dairy cows using fat percentage in milk
E.C. Verduijn, G. De Jong, M.L. Van Pelt and J.J. Bouwmeester-Vosman

Genetic parameters for ketosis and newly developed ketosis risk indicators based on MIR spectra
A. Köck, L.M. Dale, A. Werner, M. Mayerhofer, F.J. Auer and C. Egger-Danner

Evaluation of customized dry period management in dairy cows
A. Kok, R.J. Van Hoeij, B. Kemp and A.T.M. Van Knegsel

Comparison of a voluntary calcium drink to a calcium bolus administered to dairy cows after calving
S. Van Kuijk, A. Klop, R. Goselink and Y. Han

Knockdown of patatin-like phospholipase domain-containing protein 3 increased cellular triglyceride
S.J. Erb and H.M. White

Poster Session

Effect of corn starch digestibility on milk fat depression in Holstein dairy cattle
A. Rahimi, A. Naserian, R. Valizadeh, A. Tahmasebi, H. Dehghani, A. Shahdadi, K. Park, J. Ghasemi Nejad and M. Ataallahi

Comparison of three buffers for the simulation of SARA in an in vitro rumen incubation
H. Yang, S. Debevere and V. Fievez

Hyperketonaemia genome-wide association study in Holstein cows
R.S. Pralle, N.E. Schultz, K.A. Weigel and H.M. White

Effect of 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol-glycosides given as a rumen bolus on blood pharmacokinetics
M. Meyer, C. Ollagnier, K. Bühler, L. Eggerschwiler, M. Meylan and P. Schlegel

The transition period as a monitoring window for resilience of high yielding dairy cows
S. Heirbaut, X. Jing, L. Vandaele and V. Fievez

Consequences of maternal fatty acid supplementation on muscle development in the neonatal calf
N. Dahl, E. Albrecht, K. Uken, W. Liermann, D. Dannenberger, H.M. Hammon and S. Maak

Physiological concentrations of fatty acids impact lipolytic genes in primary bovine hepatocytes
S.J. Erb and H.M. White

Hyperketonaemia SNP by parity group genome-wide interaction study in Holstein cows
R.S. Pralle, N.E. Schultz, K.A. Weigel and H.M. White

Responses of lipid associated proteins to FA treatment in bovine primary hepatocytes
H.T. Holdorf and H.M. White

Claw health traits and mastitis in breeding of the Czech Holstein cows
Z. Krupová, E. Krupa, M. Wolfová, J. Přibyl and L. Zavadilová

Association analyses for ketosis indicators ketone bodies and fatty acid profiles in Holstein cows
S.-L. Klein, C. Scheper, K. May, H.H. Swalve and S. König

Does BCS at drying-off and calving provide information on prepartum energy balance of dairy cows?
N. Siachos, N. Panousis, G. Oikonomou and G.E. Valergakis

Selection against clinical mastitis changed the level of somatic cell count throughout lactation
M. Heringstad, K.B. Wethal, G. Klemetsdal, G. Dalen and B. Heringstad

Changes in colostrum bioactive components depend on cytological quality
K. Puppel, T. Sakowski, G. Grodkowski, P. Solarczyk, M. Stachelek and M. Klopčič

Disposal reasons as indicator traits for health traits in German Holsteins
J. Heise, K.F. Stock, S. Rensing, H. Simianer and F. Reinhardt