Session 57. Strategies reducing antimicrobial need (part II)

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Theatre Session

New strategies: prevention of diarrhoea in piglets
invited Y. Yin

Antimicrobial usage evolution between 2010, 2013 and 2016 in a group of French pig farms
A. Hemonic, A. Chiffre, I. Correge, C. Belloc and M. Leblanc-Maridor

Antimicrobial usage: pig farmers’ perceptions, attitudes and management
Y. Piel, A. Le Gall, C. Belloc and M. Leblanc-Maridor

DISARM: community of practice for antibiotic resistance management via multi-actor farm health plans
E. Wauters and F. Leen

First step to increase swine farmers’ trust in their veterinarians: development of a scale
M. Leblanc-Maridor, J. Le Mat, F. Beaugrand, M. De Joybert and C. Belloc

Early disease detection for weaned piglet based on live weight, feeding and drinking behaviour
M. Marcon, Y. Rousseliere and A. Hemonic

Added value of data integration to reduce the use of antimicrobials on dairy farms
C. Firth, C. Egger-Danner, K. Fuchs, A. Kaesbohrer, M. Suntinger, T. Wittek, B. Fuerst-Waltl and W. Obritzhauser

Elevated platforms as enrichment and to monitor activity and weight in broilers
J. Malchow, H. Schomburg and L. Schrader

A smart ear-attached sensor for real-time sows behaviour classification
L.S. Liu, M.X. Shen, W. Yao, R.Q. Zhao and M.Z. Lu

Individual pig tracking across multiple cameras for the extraction of behavioural metrics
J. Cowton, J. Bacardit and I. Kyriazakis

How many pigs within a group need to be sick to cause a diagnostic change in the group’s behaviour?
H.A. Dalton, A.L. Miller, T. Kanellos and I. Kyriazakis

Veterinary precision medicine and reducing veterinary drugs in animal production in China:case study
S.M. Yang and R. Liu

Monitoring individual water consumption for optimization of antibiotic treatments in herds
B.B. Roques, M.Z. Lacroix, A.A. Ferran, D. Concordet and A. Bousquet-Mélou