Session 58. inValuable: lessons and results from the Danish insect value chain (part I)

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Theatre Session

An overview of inVALUABLE: insect value chain in a circular bioeconomy
L.H.L. Heckmann

Optimizing temperature for adult reproduction and humidity for eggs and young larvae of T. molitor
J.L. Andersen, S.F. Thormose, N. Skytte, I.E. Berggreen and L.-H.L. Heckmann

Insights on feed and nutritional requirements of Tenebrio molitor
I.E. Berggreen, J.L. Andersen, N.S. Jönsson and L.H. Heckmann

Insect diseases in production systems: prevention and management
J. Eilenberg, A. Lecocq and A.B. Jensen

Probiotic P. pentosaceus inhibits bacterial growth and improves Tenebrio molitor larvae fitness
A. Lecocq

Salmonella Typhimurium level in mealworm larvae after exposure to contaminated substrate
A.N. Jensen, C. Johnsen and S.H. Hansen