Session 60. Sow + gilt nutrition and management

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Theatre Session

Correlations between foetal weight, organ weight and placenta weight at day 57 of gestation in sows
invited A.V. Strathe, T.S. Bruun and C. Amdi

Variability in gestating sows’ nutrient requirements
invited C. Gaillard, R. Gauthier and J.Y. Dourmad

Nutritional measures to improve viability, birth weight and uniformity of the litter
X. Benthem De Grave and F. Molist

Effect of positive handling of sows on litter performance and pre-weaning mortality
D. De Meyer, I. Chantziaras, A. Amalraj, L. Vrielinck, T. Van Limbergen, M. Fockedey, I. Kyriazakis and D. Maes

Effect of a beneficial flora colonization of pen surfaces on health and performance of pig weaners
E. Royer, F. Bravo De Laguna, J. Plateau and E. Chevaux

Effect of L-Selenomethionine on feed intake and selenium deposition in milk from high-yielding sows
S. Van Beirendonck, B. Driessen, G. Du Laing, B. Bruneel and L. Segers

The effect of dietary protein levels on reproduction performance and E. coli shedding in sows
K.C. Kroeske, M. Heyndrickx, N. Everaert, M. Schroyen and S. Millet

Body minerals content of reproductive sows
J.Y. Dourmad, M. Etienne, J. Noblet, S. Dubois and A. Boudon

Maternal undernutrition determines postnatal growth and meat traits in Iberian pigs
M. Vázquez-Gómez, C. García-Contreras, L. Torres-Rovira, J.L. Pesantez-Pacheco, S. Astiz, C. Ovilo, A. Gónzalez-Bulnes and B. Isabel