Session 61. Livestock farming systems free communications

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Theatre Session

The role of pasture type and fattening in the lifecycle impacts of Portuguese meat production
T.G. Morais, R.F.M. Teixeira, M.P. Santos, T. Valada and T. Domingos

Environmental study of dairy sheep production system in the region of Basilicata (Italy)
E. Sabia, M. Gauly, G.F. Cifuni and S. Claps

Environmental impact assessment of Danish pork – focusing on mitigation options
T. Dorca-Preda, L. Mogensen, T. Kristensen and M. Trydeman Knudsen

Comparing greenhouse gas emissions and nutrition between non vegan and vegan
G.W. Park

Exploring the sustainability of livestock systems using yeast as a next-generation protein source
H.F. Olsen and M. Øverland

Mixed crop-suckler cattle farming systems: between economies of scale and economies of scope
P. Veysset, M. Charleuf and M. Lherm

Elucidating producer behaviour of providing positive life opportunities to farm animals
J.E. Stokes, S. Mullan, T. Takahashi, F. Monte and D.C.J. Main

Typologies of smallholder pig farmers in Hoima and Kamuli districts of Uganda
B.M. Babigumira, J. Sölkner, E. Ouma and K. Marshall

Poster Session

Peer community in animal science: a free & open science recommendation process of scientific papers
R. Muñoz-Tamayo