Session 62. Producing sheep & goats with reduced veterinary inputs

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Theatre Session

Development of a bronchoalveolar lavage sampling method in goat kids
S. Verberckmoes, M. Willockx and B. Pardon

The effect of two-week access to willow foliage on the immune status of goats in late lactation
H. Muklada, H. Voet, T. Deutch, M. Zachut, S. Blum, O. Krifuks, T.A. Glasser, J.D. Klein and S.Y. Landau

Differences in growth between Corriedale sheep divergent lines for resistance to nematodes
G.F. Ferreira, I. De Barbieri, D. Castells, E.A. Navajas, D. Giorello, J.T.C. Costa, G. Banchero and G. Ciappesoni

Exploring the success or failure of passive antibody transfer in goat kids in Flanders
M. Willockx, S. Verberckmoes, J. Vicca, E. Van Mael and B. Pardon

Sustainable prevention and eradication of footrot in sheep
A. Wirth, D. Vasiliadis and O. Distl

Poster Session

Genetic parameter estimates for gastrointestinal parasites resistance traits in Santa Inês breed
M.P.B. Berton, R.P.S. Da Silva, F.E.C. De Carvalho, P.S.O. Oliveira, J.P.E. Eler, G.B. Banchero, J.B.S.F. Ferraz and F.B. Baldi

Distribution of ewes in SCC groups during first and second lactation
K. Tvarožková, V. Tančin, M. Uhrinčať, L. Mačuhová and I. Holko

Possibilities of mastitis detection by measuring the electrical conductivity of ewe’s milk
M. Uhrinčať, V. Tančin, K. Tvarožková, L. Mačuhová, M. Oravcová and M. Vršková

Somatic cell count and presence of mastitis pathogens in milk of ewes
V. Tančin, K. Tvarožková, M. Uhrinčať, L. Mačuhová, M. Oravcová and I. Holko

Effect of weaning system on milk yield and the frequency of individual milk flows
L. Mačuhová, V. Tančin, J. Mačuhová, M. Uhrinčať and M. Margetín

Breeding value estimates of fertility traits in five small Swiss sheep populations
A. Burren, C. Hagger, C. Aeschlimann, B. Brunold and H. Joerg

Response of Dorper females exposed to the ‘male effect’ with males of different social hierarchy
A. Gonzalez-Tavizon, J.M. Guillen-Muñoz, F. Arellano-Rodriguez, S.O. Yong-Wong, R. Delgado-Gonzalez, C. Meza-Herrera, F.G. Veliz-Deras and V. Contreras-Villarreal

Oestrous induction with the ram effect in postpartum ewes during the non-breeding season
R. Pérez-Clariget, M.G.K. Rodriguez, M. Olivera and R. Ungerfeld

Variability in some morphological traits of indigenous Nigerian and Sudanese goat breeds
D.M. Ogah, E.S. Shuiep, S.I. Daikwo, H. Abdullahi and Z. Dankoli